Why Remote Online Data Entry Specialists Are Beneficial?

Data entry has become an integral part of small to large-scale businesses. While large corporations can afford to hire their own data entry specialists and pay them a full salary, small businesses may not have such a luxury. As a result, they tend to go for online data entry specialists who will carry out the tasks from a distance. It is a smart move to both save budget and space for an additional employee. However, you cannot trust a random person from the internet who you may never meet in person. This is where online data entry service providers come in, and many business owners think it’s the optimal decision to outsource workers.

Who are online data entry specialists?

Data entry specialists are the people who establish a link between handwritten or paper information and digital data. Those specialists take data from various sources and enter them into electronic storage for further analysis. The data can be anything like bills, reports, checks, information about different groups, and more. They read the acquired data to make sure it is accurate and edit them if needed. Online data entry specialists work in various spheres such as retail, finance, scientific research, marketing, IT, and health care. Modern standards for doing business force owners to use these services; otherwise, it is not possible to handle data efficiently. The main tools of those specialists are computers. Though, they may use scanners and such specialized equipment to transfer data to a digital platform.

Primary responsibilities of data entry specialists

The following tasks will be taken care of once you find a reliable online data entry clerk who is working as a freelancer or virtual assistant. Below you can find the common tasks that specialists are need to complete.

  • Collect information from various resources and present them uniformly. That information may consist of contact details of employee and customers, billing info, statistical data and reports
  • By using specialized equipment, making any necessary changes and compiling the data, statistics, and transactions
  • Daily updating the data and keeping it in various databases for safety
  • Ensuring that the information or data is stored in a way that it is usable, understandable to access, interpret and extract
  • Making edits and improving data if necessary and report them to supervisors
  • Printing, scanning and storing data in both electronic and hard copy formats
  • Ensuring that sensitive information is protected well, controlling data distribution and arranging the transfer of data
  • Managing to complete the back-up, storage and recovery process of the data
  • To interpret data and make it more understandable, using pie charts, graphs, and such matters
  • In cases where it is necessary, designing and formatting databases

How to assess remote employees?

online data entry

You need to look for several skills in a data entry specialist and test them before hiring. They need to have strong analytical, administrative, and communication skills to be good at their job. Let’s separately analyze each requirement.

Analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Quickly gather, analyze and review information
  • Identify issues and resolve them on time
  • Be self-sufficient in tasks
  • Work without supervision or with minimum supervision and use their initiative to solve cases
  • Should be able to analyze the data and verify if it is correct or not
  • Enter the data efficiently
  • Ensuring that the standard requirements for the task are met
  • Always keeps his/her focus high while doing repetitive tasks

Administrative Skills that you can assess

  • Using Microsoft office programs, google spreadsheets and database applications proficiently
  • Having excellent typing skills, which should be quick and correct. Generally needs to type at least 40 to sixty words per minute
  • Being able to work with office equipment such as printers, copies if necessary- as it is the remote job, you do not have to focus on this matter so much as an assessment criteria

Organizational Skills

  • Planning and objectively prioritizing the job requirements and use the available time efficiently
  • Should meet the deadlines and while doing so keeps the quality of the task high
  • Multitasking

Communication Skills and Accountability

  • To present the data correctly, the online data entry specialist needs to have excellent communication skills especially while writing
  • Responsiveness and resourcefulness regarding the job
  • Handing the required tasks timely and with efficient manner
  • Being able to learn and adapt to the system quickly

Finally, the data entry candidate needs to be trustworthy enough so that you can rely on him/her the confidential information without worrying about anything.

How Hiring An Offshore Data Entry Specialist Can Benefit You?

Hiring the services from offshore or remote data entry specialists can help you in a variety of ways.

Cost Reduction

Operating cost is essential for businesses, especially the small retailers who need to keep the expenses as low as they can. So, they can employ remote data entry specialists who work as virtual assistants. The operational costs of your company can be reduced by 60 percent if you decide to outsource functions such as accounting, content writing, and call center and data entry. Besides, data entry companies charge their clients almost double the amount of which remote data entry clerks ask. They do the same job, and the quality of the tasks is not diminished because your offshore data entry specialist focuses only on your job and keeps the quality high.

Boost Competitiveness

competitive market analysis

The revenue that you can get from cost reduction can be applied to various areas such as SEO, content marketing so that it can leverage your business in the market. You can work on new marketing techniques to compete with your rivals while cheap clerks do data entry service.

Safety of the Data

Files, documents and sheets cannot be restored after you lose or accidentally harm them in the office area. In such unfortunate cases, you will not have any available data. While working with offshore data entry specialists, you can avoid such accidents because they collect and keep your data on various electronic bases.

Focusing on Business Goals

After you handle all the paperwork to an offshore data entry specialist, you can focus on your business goals because you would have more time for that. You can engage with customers more and have enough time for designing successful; marketing strategies.

Final thoughts

They work efficiently, and most importantly, they are available at any time you want. Accountability, cost efficiency, multitasking, organizational, administrative, and communication skills make them unique. If you decide to hire an online virtual assistant for handling your data entry tasks, you will be better off in this situation. We gave some tips on how you can assess various candidates and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. As you learn the significant responsibilities and capability level of these clerks, there is no reason why you should not employ them.

Rustam Jabiyev

Rustam Jabiyev

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