What is SEO Copywriting and How to Find the Best Person for it?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of SEO copywriting in today’s world? SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, implies a set of measures to increase the website traffic. A web page can appear in result pages when people search for its focus keyword. Though, writing texts is a key element of an SEO strategy, it is one of the most difficult tasks of it. Since content is very important for search engines, the content of a web page should follow the most current techniques.

The need for good texts responding to a user’s request generated a new profession – copywriting. We can say that copywriting, in turn, is an activity of writing different texts of advertising nature. Accordingly, combining these two notions, we get SEO copywriting, which involves creating SEO friendly content to improve the site’s search engine rankings.

Due to the rapid development of this field, there have appeared many candidates for the position of copywriter. On the Internet, you can find hundreds of resources on which both experienced and novice copywriters offer their services. However, there were some cases when the employers had to search for a copywriter for several months to completely satisfy the objectives of the project. Therefore, the question of how to find a copywriter is always relevant. To help you with the task of choosing a good candidate, we highlighted several key points.

What texts does the majority of the readers prefer? 

Keep in mind that to be in the leading positions of search engines, the copywriters should follow some basic rules. To begin, they should avoid huge texts with unlimited numbers of characters. According to statistics, the most favorable size for an article to get a positive perception by search engines is from 1200 to 4,000 characters. Moreover, almost none of the users read a text of more than 5 thousand characters, especially with no semantic meaning. Therefore, do not forget that the words written carelessly can spoil even the best text. 

Looking through the text on a monitor is more difficult for the eyes in contrast to the paper, so make it easy to read. Accordingly, it is better to pay attention to building concise and simple sentences. Also, we can advise you to use headings and subheadings in the articles. As their task is to attract visitors, you should write some catchy words. Why is it important? Because if a user sees such a ridiculous title, then he is unlikely to continue reading the article itself. Besides, separating the long texts using subheadings helps in creating a more natural and smooth structure.

Pay attention to the keywords


In SEO content writing, keywords need to be used proficiently within a text. It follows that keywords are the most valuable elements to make an article successful, among others. Besides, a copywriter should do keyword research aimed at creating an extensive list of keywords and phrases for which you would like to rank. However, you should remember that including so many keywords can lead to the opposite result. A copywriter should determine the volume of keywords for each text individually and try not to exceed 1-3 percent. If there is a need for the keywords, they can be used in headings, tags, or other elements of the text.  

Importance of understanding the topic in SEO copywriting

To prosper in your business, SEO copywriters should avoid being so lazy. Instead, they should try to be as unique and creative as possible. It comes from the fact that there are some lazy copywriters who just partially copy parts of the texts from the Internet. However, it is considered as a limitation to the whole writing process. Why? Simply because superficially editing already existing texts has nothing to do with innovation. Besides, there are some requirements on the articles which ask for 95% uniqueness to be on the top of search engines.

So, SEO copywriting includes people who understand what they write about, but not just copies. Will the user understand the context if the author does not know what he is writing about? Definitely, the answer is no. Thus, one of the essential tasks of the SEO content writer is to use different methods to make an article more exciting and desirable to read. If you do proper research regarding the relevant topic, you will be able to give the readers in-depth and comprehensive information.

How to choose the right copywriter?

Due to the high competition in the copywriting market, it is not that easy to find an appropriate candidate for your business. Firstly, pay attention to the existing portfolio of a particular candidate. Then, look through their ready texts paying attention to some details. For instance, 

look for possible repetitions in the texts. This moment is significant because the copywriter should avoid repeating the same words in adjacent sentences. Also, explore the text in terms of superlatives and their overuse. All types of words, including “the most,” “the biggest,” etc., indicate an inexperienced author who tries to strengthen the text using this method.

SEO copywriting

Moreover, check for the writing format of the writer. To determine a lousy copywriter, it is enough to see the same language, structure, and even words in all of their work. However, good and experienced copywriters do not use a monotonous style. They always try to improve their manner using new methods or going beyond. Another important point for choosing an appropriate specialist for SEO copywriting is about grammar. The reputation of your business can be tainted as a result of possible grammatical errors in the texts. If a potential client sees a lot of spelling mistakes and structural issues, he will have doubts about using the offered services. 

What are other significant factors while choosing someone?

It is quite important for the candidates to provide references written by prior employers. What did these employers highlight as a disadvantage, and how is the writer planning to overcome them? Here comes an exciting moment of checking the skills of a specialist by offering a test task. A responsible writer should accept the proposal and write the trial text. In the end, you will be able to evaluate the writer on certain parameters such as his research, the language of presentation, and so on.


Coming to the central question of today’s topic, we can highlight the following details. In reality, different people use different requests, and the site should respond to everything. Hence, to make an appropriate resource get into the leading places in the search engine results for the queries is the task of the seo copywriter. Therefore, we can say that SEO copywriting serves as one of the primary tools to promote products and services online. Note that articles should be written with a specific target audience in mind to persuade them into buying a product or service. More accurately, SEO texts created for promotions in search engines are done according to some guidelines. Therefore, it is vital to hire specialists who have vast technical knowledge in the fields of SEO copywriting and online marketing.



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