What Is Content Writing and How It’s Taking Digital Marketing by a Storm?

It is amazing that more than half of the world’s population has access to the Internet. Not just that, an average adult spends 5.9 hours a day in the digital world. This kind of online presence makes it clear why digital content has become so crucial for businesses across the globe. In a world highly internet-savvy, if you don’t show up on the web, the legitimacy and prestige of your brand may be easily questioned. And having an online presence is as good for you as carrots for the eyes. A web presence means that you are open for business even when physically closed. Content has no shelf-life and stays right where it was even after days or months of new audiences viewing it. You stay alive on the web. You also get a global marketplace to represent yourself. In this post, we are going to explore what is content writing and why it is essential for digital marketing campaigns and the online presence of the brand.

Well-written content can convert your audience into regular customers because words have and always will be mightier than the sword! And people, being generous as they are, always make a point to share what moves them – so if your content moves them, you know what’s next. It is probably for this reason that Coca Cola spends more on content creation than TV advertisements.

The ABC’s of Content Writing

what is content writing

To sell anything, whether your words, product, or brand, what matters is how you introduce it to the customers. The selling is precisely where digital advertising comes in. Digital marketing started a century ago with the Radio. Now, promoting yourself through channels like social media, email, search engines, mobile apps, and websites are all a part of it. Appearing at the top of SERPs is the best thing for your business. Written content is the building block for this digital information. The following are the main kinds of content:

Blog Posts

If you haven’t noticed already, what you are currently reading is a blog post. Blogs usually form an essential component of any website and are updated regularly. People love reading and sharing engaging blog posts. Your blogs stay alive on the Internet for years and keep engaging new, potential subscribers/customers.

Emails and Newsletters

Another effective way to reach your old customers and newly-discovered leads is by sending them Emails and Newsletters via Email. They inform your audience about what you are up to, give them updates and even direct them to your website in-case they haven’t visited in a while.


When you want to share a large mass of complex data, there is no better method than an infographic. Infographics are visually appealing because of the sense of aesthetics and scope for creativity they offer. They are also much more attractive than words alone.

Social Media Posts

Once you have lots of content on your website, you may want to drive more organic traffic to it. Social media steps in here. By posting on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can widen the scope of your business. These are social-hotspots where you become reachable by many more people.


This is one of the prime lead-generation tools. eBooks are longer and offer in-depth information on a subject. When someone reads a blog post, you can offer them an eBook as a Call-to-Action. This is very relevant for your readers and, at the same time, allows you to connect to them personally.


Whitepapers brim with intensive information on a particular subject. They take time to write but can be very helpful in selling your company’s products or in proving your industry expertise.

What is Content Writing?

 Content is writing that sells. Words that inspire conversion are also words that are helpful, relatable, and reliable. As soon as you air quality content online, you are in for great results. With creativity, active grammar, and exceptional research performing ability, you can create compelling content that helps you grow too. Here are some reasons why Content Writing is essential:

  •   Connects You to Your Audience – In this wide and wild internet world, content is how you communicate with your prospective customers. Just airing a TV commercial isn’t enough because if you aren’t reachable online, are you even real? Credibility depends on your online presence. More than 2/3rd of the shoppers browse online. Window shopping is quite literal! Your content is how you talk to these customers.
  •   Gives Your Brand a Voice – Most of the digital communication with a potential customer happens through the words of a content writer. This voice is what the customer hears. You create brand awareness with it.
  •   Content is What Helps Your Website Rank – Google has a search algorithm which ranks certain websites ahead of others while showing search results. This algorithm uses specific parameters to rank websites according to their content. Quality SEO content is sure to rank higher in organic search results.
  •   Content Is What Makes A Website – If your site has quality, researched content, it is sure to be deemed as a reliable source of information. You earn links from other websites, the Google algorithm favors you, and consumers find your material relatable. In the long run, this helps your visibility again.

I can craft original, creative content. Now what?

what is content writing

The creation of content is only a small part of the journey. Now you publish and distribute this content to your target audience. You engage in full-fledged digital marketing. Did you know that while 88% of B2B marketers claim to use content marketing, 75% plan to increase investment in the same? Lately, the digital world has experienced a paradigm shift. Content assumes an essential place in the digital marketing ecosystem. It helps you direct traffic to your website, generate leads, give you views and downloads and, most importantly, build a brand name in the long run.

Content Marketing Strategy is like all strategies – a plan of how to go about distributing your content. It is the management of content to generate new leads and get views cost-effectively. Before writing, the strategy answers questions like – Who will read this content? What problems will this content solve for this audience? What are the forms of material suitable for this audience? Who is my competitor, and how am I better? It later moves on to answer: How should I allocate my resources? What places do I want to publish it? Will I direct attention to a social media channel or my website? When will the content go live? How to rank higher than my competitor? How will I employ SEO? There are no universal templates for developing a strategy; however, a planned effort goes a long way and can give you lots in return.

Consequently, it takes you to your desired audience and lets new customers find you. Some businesses even use it to reduce their online marketing costs. You read it right. Rest assured with the DemandMetric statistic, which states that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising methods and gets three times the leads.

What if I cannot do specialized content writing and marketing by myself?

Online Assistants are experienced, independent contractors who provide services like Digital Marketing, Creative Designing, and Web Development while operating remotely, outside the client’s office. Online Virtual Assistants are easy to hire, offer enormous flexibility, and are affordable as well. At Online Virtual Assistant, we help you build a better business and provide you expert services. For the question of what is content writing, the answer is that content writing is the backbone of online marketing and happens to be one of the many services we offer.

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