Things To Pay Attention To Before Hiring a Java Developer

With technology leading the forefront of business innovation, being able to hire a good Java developer can be as crucial as a well-conceived business plan. Businesses need to be able to discern the best java developers to rise to the market challenges that await them. To ensure the best resources, companies are rushing to adopt various strategies and incorporate them into their hiring strategies. 

There is no need to worry about not getting a piece of the pie. A useful aspect of the software industry is that it tends to harbor growth. There is always room for development and innovation. Java developers are continually looking to keep up with modern demands. This aspect makes sure that you will always find a good java developer, no matter the situation. If your company is looking to work on creating the latest applications and projects, you will need to hire java developers at some point. The exact point of this article is to inform you of some things to pay attention to before hiring java developers. With no time to waste, let’s get started!

Skill Sets of Java Developers

Java developers shape the software development landscape. Before you can start hiring, you need to focus on the set of skills the software developer can deliver. These skills must be in harmony with the needs of your business. You should not just hire java developers to complete specific tasks. The developer should also be able actually to improve your business and its performance. If your company has a particular framework and offset of java, you need to make sure your developers understand this from the start. Having this settled, you will have already eliminated almost half of the problems that may arise in the future. You could even face a situation where you already have a team of developers working for you, but you require adding unique resources. 

Even if you are creating a new team of developers right from scratch, you will need to have a set of guidelines that you can work on to create a plan. This plan will help you pinpoint the exact type of developers you need for your project. Looking at Java developers, coding proficiency is an excellent way to pinpoint niche development skills. According to experts, the best way to fully understand the capabilities of java developers is actually to speak to them. Before you hire them, arrange meetings, or make phone calls to understand their accurate understanding of coding. Once you have understood what it is you are looking for, you can start to look into their skills to see if it fits your needs. 

During the interview, it is a good idea to see how your potential developer can handle problems. Java developers should be able to find the roots of issues, and discover bugs before projects are finalized.

Good chemistry

java developers

You could be on the route to finding the best Java developers that could contribute significantly to your business. A developer can have all of the skills you would want, and then some. But there is an aspect which is often overlooked, and that is chemistry. No matter how good a developer is, if he or she does not match the mindset of your company, you should keep looking. Some java developers can shine during the interview process, but it is recommended that before a contract, you should invite them over to meet your development team. If your team does not have a mutual connection with the developer, you should again move on. Finding the asset that best fits your team chemistry is crucial, because they will not only have better mutual understanding, but also the developer can have significant positive impacts on your project. 

Finding java developers who match the chemistry of your team members isn’t just crucial for the hiring process. This aspect can also affect the procedures in the contract market. Most experts even press on the significance of the right mix among your team members. The java developers you bring on board to your team can sometimes be highly paid. This can, in some cases, upset other team members. The cure is to find someone who is not only an expert in his or her field, but someone who is also a very social person that will get along with your team members well. They should not see themselves as technical contractors that are working for money. 

Through this process, you might even discover a developer who will stay on to help with your long-term projects, and can become a long term partner for your company. 

Happy previous clients

This aspect of hiring any form of service is nothing new. But sadly, it is often overlooked by many. While looking to hire java developers, or any service, it is a good idea to look into some customer reviews. You can receive a sense of reassurance while reading testimonials from both happy and unhappy previous clients. People usually do not voice their positive opinions as much as negative ones. At the same time, a developer looking to be hired will not state his or her negative aspects. So the trick is to read the positive traits from the potential java developers, and gain proof by understanding the client reviews. It is advised, however, to be careful when reading the testimonials. Through shady business practices, some service providers flood websites with fake reviews. But most of the time, it is easy to spot a fake review. 

Most experts also advise that before hiring, you should ask for previous client references. If a provider tries to dodge the request, or fails to do so, in general, it is already a red flag, and you should keep looking elsewhere. In case you do receive a list of previous clients, things as simple as a phone call, can help you make your decisions. But never go with the first client showcased to you by the java developers, because most likely, it is a client the developer had the most fun time working with. 

Security and Privacy


Security and privacy have always been a high priority for business owners. Any private leaked information can have devastating effects on the survival of your company. When hiring java developers, you are adding members to your team that will know sensitive information regarding your business. This information can be source codes, data, trade secrets, and much more sensitive information that you will have to present to them during software development. Now there are no concrete ways to prevent any type of security compromise, but you can understand the level of trust you can give to a developer during the interview process. If the developer openly talks about data regarding previous clients, there is no telling your company won’t be next.  

There is also the option of a non-disclosure agreement. Java developers who are comfortable with their business practices should not have any problems offering you the opportunity to sign the deal. If a java developer denies the option to do so, it should be a red flag for you.


Hiring java developers should not be a worrisome process. After all, you are adding people to your team who should contribute to the common good of the company. Knowing the points mentioned above, and paying attention to them during the hiring process, can save you both money and time. Rooting out potential trouble from the start, will guarantee smooth sailing down the road, leading years of mutually beneficial development!

Aftandil Shahbazli

Aftandil Shahbazli

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