The Ultimate Guide To Hire iOS Developer

It’s intriguing to know that in 2018, Apple sold over 217.72 million iPhones worldwide. In 2019, during the fourth quarter, 20 percent of every smartphone in the world were iPhones. One and a half billion iPhones have been sold globally since its original release, making it one of the most used smartphones around the world. The staggering facts show the need to hire iOS developer is in high demand.

The two most popular program languages used to create iOS apps, Swift and Objective C are part of the most requested technologies in 2020. The iOS technologies are showing no sign of decline, but rather prove that there is a need for high skilled developers to build apps for companies. However, it’s highly difficult to decide which company is the right choice or not. It’s a strenuous process that you have to go through to hire an iOS app developer who can help you accomplish your business goal.

If you want to hire an iOS developer to help your business grow in the market, then you need to read this guide. It can save you a sum of money and give you the product you want to bring to the market.

4 Relevant Things to Consider Before You Hire iOS Developer

Before you consider hiring an iOS app developer, you need to include the following vital factors before you proceed any further:

Understanding Your Market Niche

The target audience is the first and utmost importance in your business. You should understand your market: how they behave, when they behave, what they prefer, etc., before you build your platform. Which platform do you plan to launch your application? What are the product requirements? Having a definite and precise product requirement and the target audience will help the developers to replicate the features and properties in your product. They are the primary foundation of every ios app development.

Have A Clear Understanding Of Your Requirements

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You should gather your team together to come up with a thorough concept of your project so that you can positively impress investors. Also, you need to provide a clear understanding of the future product to help the ios app developers produce what you want. You must think and build a working mechanism for your product and create an image of the app your app developers want to build.

Hire iOS developer that is capable of bringing your idea to life. The app company should have the business insight and the technical requirements to produce the replica of what you intended to create.

Know Your iOS App Developers

Hiring on job posting boards has its benefits. Still, if you want to hire an iOS developer, you should employ the developer from a trusted app development company with years of experience. Not only that, but you should also get to know the company’s app developers.

The reason behind it is quite simple. You are about to produce what may be the next big ios app on the Apple market, and the last thing you want is for someone to take your idea and make it their own.

But with a certified company, they can provide you with the data security and assurance, and efficiently complete the whole process. When you suspect a suspicious act, you can take legal action against the company. However, that rarely happens if you take a significant time to get a trusted app development company such as Online Virtual Assistant.

You must hire an app developer who can fulfill in detail every project requirement. The company must have ios developers with practical experience programming languages that the developer will use. To be on a safer side, check the company’s testimonials, and discuss with people who have had an experience with the company, if possible.

Possible Errors To Avoid

The following are easily detectable mistakes you should avoid at all costs when searching for an app developer.

  • Don’t hire an iOS app developer who doesn’t have complete information about their past successful works or hasn’t done anything substantial.
  • Categorize your list of project specifications that are vital to search for in your app developer.
  • To be sure of the capabilities of the app developer, search for someone who can communicate the details of the user interface to you.
  • Don’t get deceived by fraud. Reexamine the points explained above to be sure that you are hiring a professional iOS developer who will give you the quality you deserve.

Factors To Consider When You Hire iOS Developer

Some app development companies allow you to select your app developer before you begin the project. When you do so, consider these few things when you choose your app developers:

Find Out Where They Spend Their Leisure Time

Every app developer has their way of spending their leisure time. But the emergence of iOS has led to the creation of programming forums where iOS app developers meet and explore ideas. Now, you might think that the forum is the best place to hire an iOS app developer, but that’s not always the case.

Some are searching for new jobs, but others are on the forum for other reasons aside from getting a job. So, if you find yourself on these forums, start with a conversation, learn about what they’re currently working on. You could find an app developer good enough to help. However, the safer side is to work directly with qualified app development companies. They have the expertise and resources to pull your project off.

Know The Difficulties They Face Each Day And How They Handle Them

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The iOS developer’s work is not a simple plain field. It comes with various challenges daily to produce flawless mobile apps on the market today. Here are some of the challenges app developers face when they build new apps for iPhones.

Producing An Outstanding User Interface On A Smartphone Screen

Building an app on a small screen is a difficult task to accomplish because you have to consider the screen size limitation. To some extent, every single pixel counts.

Making Sure That The Mobile App Is Secure

Authentication of a mobile app has been a problem over the years. If the app does not have a secured system, your ID and password could be vulnerable to hackers, and the dangers involved can be disastrous.

How To Get Your Mobile App Certified By Apple

After creating the mobile app, Apple’s app store will have to review the app, go over the rules and regulations, before they verify the app. They need to be sure that the app is safe to use and not to break any laws and regulations. It might seem simple and straightforward, but it’s not. There’s a lot of back and forth involved before they launch the app.

Get To Know What Drives Them To Work Each Day

If you can get to the core bottom of what drives the iOS developer to work each day, it can help you acquire more qualified candidates. Interacting with the app developers, understanding their way of building apps, how they work, etc. is the difference between a great app and a mediocre app. Through the conversation, you can acquire the best app developers for your project.

Learn More About The Previous Works They’ve Done Before

Paying attention to the iOS developer’s portfolio is one factor you cannot ignore. The collection portrays his expertise and experience over the years. It’ll also help if the app developer has created an app similar to yours. It becomes more comfortable if the developer has created a mobile app similar to the one you want to create. It limits complications along the way and helps you decide which developer to work with.

Outsourcing Company to Hire iOS developer

Outsourcing companies to hire iOS app developer is common these days. It’s cost-effective, and they provide app developers with an in-depth experience of the field. They also offer excellent standards that fit the requirements of the industry. They prove to be accurate and concise in times of urgency. You can get in touch with them any time you prefer. They are always there to help you with your project.

In terms of the cost, they are less costly than other means that people hire an iOS app developer. If they are in another country, these companies can arrange a meeting with you, so distance is not a barrier. One of these companies is the Online Virtual Assistant.

Hire iOS Developer From Online Virtual Assistant

Online Virtual Assistant offers you a team of dedicated and professional adviser to help you make your business a reality. Yes. We have in-house seasoned iOS developers you can work with as if working with your employees, all with a reasonable cost compared to other ways of hiring an app developer. Working with in-house staff is more cost-effective. We provide digital marketing, content writing, web development, data entry, content marketing strategy, and many freelance projects of your choice.  

Since we become your employees, distance does not become a barrier. You can communicate anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to worry about rent, furniture, equipment, or utility cost. In short, we give you a high-standard service at low costs.


To hire iOS developers can be strenuous and time-consuming. There’s a lot of things to do before you can kickstart your project. Hopefully, the guide on this page will give you the right direction to begin. So follow the guidelines to search for your iOS developer. Better yet, contact us right now, and let’s give you a tour of our services: 818-643-7073.

Ernest Atta Adjei

Ernest Atta Adjei

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