The Best Mobile Game Developers You Can Hire in 2020

If you are a mobile game designer, then working as an online virtual engineer is something you have to consider. Online virtual assistants can help you work with a wide array of clients without a 100% commitment to any particular company. Essentially, you gain more experience quickly, enjoy lots of flexibility, and make more of a decent amount of income.

Though the online virtual assistant industry is booming, you have to distinguish yourself as a mobile game developer before you cross over into the virtual world. Because clients usually aren’t as impressed by academic certificates as they are with the mobile game portfolio you’ve built. As such, you need to take your entire mobile video game process from development to distribution seriously. 

Experience plays a vital role in this regard. That is because, you will have to deliver expert services like design, distribution, monetization, internationalization, and marketing of mobile video games, among many others. Usually, you’ll like to specialize in a particular niche, as is the case with many top mobile publishers. 

The secret to excelling as a virtual mobile game developer is to study the best and adapt their strategy towards game development. Some of the best are full-service companies that offer mobile SEO and other digital services. Hence, the more skills you have, the better. Therefore we will consider ten of the best game designers and publishers in the industry. 

List of Mobile Game Developers

Electronic Arts (EA) Mobile

According to EA mobile, the player comes first during game design and creation. Also, the company stated that it is always on the lookout for the most creative and talented game developers it can find. These companies know that the key to becoming the world’s #1 mobile game developer is by having the best people work for them. 

Also, communication, collaboration, and creativity are some of the key factors they look out for when they hire a developer. Companies and independent developers alike seek to engage their players with the most entertaining games. Hence, it’s only natural that mobile game designers are in such high demand. Some of EA mobile’s most remarkable games include Nba Live, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and Plants & Zombies. 


This is a global entertainment and gaming company. The mobile game lab received world recognition after the release of its award-winning franchise called Cut the Rope. Mind you, the games from this franchise were downloaded over 1 billion times. Surely this game studio is doing something right. You can observe some other top releases from this video game designers like King of Thieves and Pudding Monsters. 

As mentioned earlier, the portfolio of games you’ve developed makes a stronger case than the certificates and degrees you have lying around. Like Zeptolab, the best virtual assistant developers are experts in developing cross-platform games. Hence, you need to be able to create Google Play, Windows Phone, iOS, and Amazon games. 


mobile game

Supercell is among the most recognizable and leading mobile gaming companies. The studio is located in Helsinki, Finland. Since its establishment in 2010, the mobile games this company has released kept improving until it secured itself a place among the best. At the moment, the company is valued at about $10 billion. 

Experience from such a company will reflect in every aspect of your professional work as a virtual mobile game developer. Also, you will site notable games as projects you’ve worked on. Some of the most remarkable mobile games from these companies are Hay Day and Clash of Clans. If you’ve ever played any of these, how did the game make you feel?


This is an online mobile game company from China. The company is a fierce competitor of all the companies mentioned above. It has joined the family of game designers not so long ago. Yet some of the most popular games of recent years were released by NetEase. Sure, not all companies that venture into mobile game development live to tell the story. 

However, NetEase has not only survived but currently thrives as the number one cross-platform mobile game development company in the Chinese App Store. According to global revenues, the company ranks fourth and is also the second-best iOS game publisher in Ghana. Some of the best games from NetEase include, Fantasy Westward Journey and World of Warcraft.  

King Digital Entertainment

What does it take to develop a game like ‘Candy Crush’? You might want to ask the video game designers at King Digital Entertainment. The company is currently a world-leading interactive developer with over 2.75 billion downloads of Candy Crush and counting. Other remarkable games published by King Digital Entertainment include Bubble Witch, Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, and Pet Rescue. 

To get a good idea of what an excellent mobile game project looks like, you can refer to any of these games. Also, they will give you a good idea of what players and clients need in a finished project. Whether you are specializing as an android app developer or iOS developer, you can learn a thing or two from these developers. 


By far, one of the most vibrant creators of mobile games in the entertainment industry is Nintendo. The brand is recognized all over the world. Also, 2017 was a very profitable year for this company when it released the Nintendo Switch. Aside from prominent mobile games, the company is consistently releasing a wide variety of mobile gaming applications that will ensure they maintain their relevance in the mobile gaming industry. 

So what are you doing to increase your influence in the mobile gaming industry? This is the question most game designers should be asking. After all, mobile app development goes beyond working for a prominent company. This is a fact every indie game developer lives by.

Microsoft Studios

Microsoft Studios has a pretty simple mission. This is to empower every organization and person in the world to achieve higher things. As such, these developers put a lot of consideration into both the current world of the future of mobile gaming. As such, this approach does benefit many other players in the mobile industry. Because today’s world is leaning towards a cloud-first and mobile-first world. The kind of reach you get the number of clients you world with has to evolve constantly. Passion for the trade and insider knowledge of the industry will help your career as a virtual assistant. 


mobile game

If you are on a mission to create world-class mobile games for your clients. Then you want to look at Rovio for inspiration. The company provides games, licensing, and animations of different kinds. It was founded in Finland and currently employs over 400 game designers at offices in different countries. The main hit of Rovio is the world popular Angry Birds. Other big games include Fruit Nibblers and Bad Piggies.


This is the studio behind Football Strike, 8 Ball Pool, and The mobile portfolio of this company has accumulated over one billion downloads thus far. Both the present and the future look very promising for this studio. Such is the case of game studios that focus on building an exceptional portfolio. 


If any company deserves to be on this list, it is Activision. This company has been developing mobile games for over 35 years. Some of these games include Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Diablo, and Destiny. The games speak for themselves because their reputation precedes them. 


As technology advances, the mobile game industry will require more expert developers. Some will be iOS app developers, and others will be specialists in Android games. Whatever platform you specialize in, the future holds great things. Because the world is turning towards a mobile-first gaming experience. Hence, more clients will rely on the expertise of online virtual assistants. Which skills do you think you can bring to the table as an online virtual assistant? Please drop us a comment and let us know.

Faustinus Angmortey

Faustinus Angmortey

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