Software Development Services – What Are The Trends For 2020?

Trends are considered to be one of the growth drivers of software development. Software development is an industry that constantly changes and new trends come and go every year. For instance, during 2018-2019, software development services such as cloud migration and microservice were creating a buzz for quite some time. Though one year passed and we can see that those aspects become a common reality in 2020. These trends add value to the number of businesses and software development services, and adopt those trending factors in many projects. In this post, we analyze the three latest trends that will impact the software industry in 2020. So, let’s start with the first one – AI first approach. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) First Approach

According to Gartner, the number of AI projects that were developed during 2019-20 will rise to 35 by 2022. Last year it was approximately 4 for respective organizations that provide software development services. The latest trend that includes artificial intelligence as a centerpiece does not necessarily about integrating AI into the existing software. Thus, it is more about taking AI sAI’s first software approach by the leading organization of this industry. AI can be seen almost everywhere in the software development process. It became an essential part of software design as well. From Android app development to windows game development, AI is starting to take part in all of the significant development steps. 

There are many sides of AI that helps software developers to create better-functioning apps. Those aspects are deep learning, machine vision, and speech recognition. Those aspects can benefit the industry and support software developers to take the process to another level. Let’s look at how AI can help businesses. 

Assistance regarding the critical decision-making process

AI can help various businesses in a variety of ways. New implementation of this phenomenon can be seen in medicine. For instance, Artificial intelligence can analyze medical records, lab results, and generic data to help doctors while they try to identify treatment methods. The reason for that is, AI can foresee diseases and make quick decisions regarding these matters. 

Enhanced Level of Service

In businesses, software development services that incorporate AI can create software that recognizes the faces of customers and identifies the emotions which can lead to an improvement in sales and customer relationship management. Besides, agencies can offer entirely customer-oriented services with the valuable data that they generate by using AI software. In the healthcare industry, the virtual assistants that are powered by AI can make doctor appointments reschedule them, and inform the patients as well. 

Quality Control

Ai can benefit many industrial structures, as we mentioned earlier. For example, in agriculture, AI-powered software can help farmers to analyze the plants and detect weeds. Moreover, in manufacturing, IoT (internet of things) devices send related data to AI-based software, and that software generates results about the possible machinery failures and product efficiency rating. 


A blockchain is a handy tool that can help software development companies in many different ways. The system allows money and information transfer without any intermediary. Therefore, it keeps all the necessary records transparent and unchangeable. The system works like this: any data gets encryption and then chained with other entries chronologically. After that, the same data goes across all the digital systems in the same network instead of only getting stored in one centralized system. Due to the high functionality, software development services include this matter in various products. 

The various types of businesses, such as the financial sector, public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution, get the best out of this service. According to the researchers that conducted on this matter, it is estimated that the value of the blockchain market will grow to 20 billion dollars annually, by 2024. We can see the early signs of this improvement in 2020 too. Several benefits attract investors to put their money on this technology. What are they?

Data Safety

software development services

Decentralization concerning the storage helps software developers to build a safer place to avoid frauds and security attacks to the system. It is very crucial for businesses that handle sensitive information. For instance, industrial IoT records, credit histories of the banks, medical records of patients, and more. These industries focus on software development services that include blockchain as well as other security measures. As you probably know, the blockchain allows data to get encrypted and copied to each device in the system. For that, it becomes even harder for hackers to enter or steal any valuable data from the system without the approval of the system members. 

Smart Contracts

This advantage of the blockchain helps companies to avoid any tampering with contract executions. Blockchain allows owners to create contracts that can be executed automatically only after the terms and conditions are all satisfied. For example, data entry specialist designs it in a way that the goods of the company shipped only after this technology verifies the payment. 


This advantage of the blockchain can help both parties because it replaces the paper-based processes. Thus, it makes distribution and transactions more transparent, which results in an increase regarding the accountability of all the involved parties. 

Software development Services -Low-Code Development

Low-Code development refers to the process of developing software through visual interfaces rather than using codes. The process consists of various parts. In the first place, software developers drag and drop prebuilt program components while the coding part takes place automatically. This software development service gains popularity in recent years. It is likely to get more recognition and become a trend for the upcoming years. The main area where this tool applies is the platforms that use specific kinds of software like Customer Relationship Management. Though, nowadays, we have a variety of sectors where building low code software platforms became frequent. Functionality is the key to this trend, and because it generates more integration possibilities, microservices support, and AI/ML implementation, the usage of this platform increases. What are the advantages of Low-code development?

Faster Deployment

Hand-coded applications take more time to build for software developers. Thus the availability of low-code development technology relieves software developers from complicated tasks and earns them more time. In a competitive market environment, the most critical asset we have is the time. That is why low code development is crucial.

Validates Business Ideas with fever risks involved

In comparison with the custom software development services, low code development cut down the costs considerably. It is beneficial, especially for the development of the cheaper minimum viable product (MVP), to estimate whether it is worth to spend more on that product or not.

Can help with Lacking UX Resources

Low-code development platforms offer a User interface (UI) frameworks that consist of pre-made widgets and blocks. This advantage gives front end developers to use UI frameworks without a decent UX (user experience) background to develop a user-friendly software interface. 

Final Thoughts

From functionally to management tools, developers try their best to incorporate needed tools to make it easier and more efficient for the clients. Artificial intelligence made a difference by enhancing the level of service, while blockchain helped the organization to more securely conduct the data storage process. Besides, low code development generated great results by eliminating handwritten and complicated codes for developers. Through all these new trends, it is undeniable that software development services will improve in the next few years and become even more productive. 

Rustam Jabiyev

Rustam Jabiyev

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