Should You Hire An Online Assistant or Agency For Web Design Projects?

It can be challenging to choose between a virtual assistant and agencies whenever you start a project. So how do you choose the best option for your specific needs? We think that comparing can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of both parties. So let’s start by analyzing online assistant services and see what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Advantages of working with an Online Assistant


The first advantage is the cost. It would be best if you keep your expenses in check; that is why it is a better idea to work with virtual assistants rather than web design agencies. Individual web developers or designers are cheaper because they have the right to set their rates. If you have a large project, you need to search for virtual assistants who offer reasonable prices. If you start your business or new project and want to minimize the costs, an online assistant might be the best choice for you. 

There are other tips on how you can reduce the costs while working with either individual assistants or agencies. For instance, you can suggest using an existing WordPress template to save both time and money. While online assistants will be willing to do that, some of the agencies would not agree with that idea and insist on building your web design from scratch. If your website needs customized design, a freelance graphic designer will use tools such as Illustrator or Photoshop and shape the design of the site. Though, keep in mind that, customized web designs are usually not time and cost-efficient things to employ. So, there is a possibility that they would increase the expense of the project. The only thing is matters are preference and customer satisfaction, so choose accordingly. 


Virtual assistants have a flexible schedule because, just like the rates, they have full control over their schedules. That is great for customers because it can positively impact your web design process timeline, thus reducing your costs. You can work with an online assistant and productively finish the project on time or even earlier. Virtual assistants can work full time remotely and can devote all their time to a particular project. It helps you to get the work done faster.

In comparison, web design agencies work with multiple projects at the same time. That is why they tend to finalize your project on the deadline. Overall, an online virtual assistant can take a personal approach towards your project and finish it earlier. 



While you decide to hire an online virtual assistant, accountability can be a problematic issue. It is hard to assess this aspect beforehand by just looking through recommendations and reviews. That is the biggest problem with freelancers. You, as an owner of the project, rely on the person who is a remote worker. Most of the time, cheap workers are located overseas, and that leads to such concerns. You rely on those freelancers to start and finish the project. What if they could not finish? What will happen then? It will be a problematic issue because if that happens, you need to employ another agency for continuing that web design project, which can be a hassle.

It is better to note that most of those agencies will not complete other projects and will ask you to start it from scratch. The cost will be higher in this scenario. How can you cope with it? Our online platform Online Virtual Assistant, offers professional services that you would like to outsource. On our website, you can find verified web designers, content writers, digital marketing experts, web developers, etc. The important part is that, all those users are getting checked by the site itself, so; you can rely on them and offer your project efficiently without thinking about the negative consequences that we mentioned earlier. 

Limited Skillset

online assistant

One of the disadvantages that you may face while employing freelancers is that they might have the limited skill set to complete the tasks that you assign. Designing a webpage is not an easy task, and it requires tons of skills. Multi-functionality is the key to becoming a successful and capable web designer. There are various aspects of this type of task, and it is not reasonable to expect all from one online assistant. They cannot be experts in web strategy, web development, UX/ UI design, and project management. 

While working with an agency, there will be a team of developers that works on your project. That is why if one of the lacks skill or knowledge about specific tasks such as logo design, the other will complete that part on behalf of him. The solution to this issue is hiring several virtual assistants at once. You can make sure that each of them has a unique skill set, and they are experts in that field. The challenge that you may face in this case is again accountability and communication. Several freelancers need to come up together and work with each other for you to have a complete project at the deadline. 

Advantages of hiring a Web Design Agency


The significant benefit that you can get from web design agencies is that you will have a chance to work with great expertise and a diverse team of developers. The team would consist of a project manager, web designer, web strategist, logo designer, branding specialists, and more. Each of these team members will contribute to the same project and add value. Agencies have specific standards for hiring these employees, and you can make sure that the background of each individual has tremendous experience in their respective fields. Another advantage is the recommendations. An experienced and creative team can suggest advanced functions that can make the web design project even better. 

Customer Support and Credibility

Another advantage of hiring a web design agency is credibility. You can check the reputation of the company and read user reviews to decide which one can help you. As we mentioned earlier, it is a lot easier to assess the credibility of the agencies rather than unknown online assistants that are located on the other side of the world. Freelancers or online virtual assistants work on projects periodically. So, that means, as soon as they finish the project and hand it to you, they will switch to another project. Though, web design agencies have customer support services, which can help you even after they complete the given tasks. 

Disadvantages of hiring a Web Design Agency

If you decide to hire a web agency, then your expenses would be a little higher. There are several reasons that lead us to this point. First of all, an agency will go through a phased approach to a project and will lose more time than an online assistant. Besides that, with a web design agency, you need to choose a customized design that takes more time for them and becomes costly for you. The last one is that the price of the agency is higher because of their own expenses such as resources, salary office and more. Bureaucracy is another thing that can be considered as a disadvantage for web agencies. With freelancers and virtual assistants, you will have only one primary contact form, which you can get updates. With an agency, it will be more complicated because of the number of workers that work on the same project. Though, agencies use project managers to reduce these types of issues. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have enough information about the advantages and disadvantages of two options, you can choose whichever you prefer. It is better to have a project goal on your mind before you start looking for a web design agency or online assistant. If you know what you want, and you have a particular project goal in mind. It will be a lot easier to assess and employ one of the possibilities. While individual assistants can be a cheaper option, for the sake of safety, the majority of business owners go for specialized agencies whom they can trust their projects.

Rustam Jabiyev

Rustam Jabiyev

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