Practical Tools for Windows Game Developers

As one of the most popular forms of entertainment, video games have positively changed our life. Video games have moved away from the fringes and become more mainstream, whether it’s on mobile or desktop PC. To enjoy these games, they need to be developed, designed, and finally launched per acceptable standards for gamers. The development process, in particular, can be complicated, and requires the expert hands of a professional. This post aims to cover windows game development process and the tools that developers use to build entertaining video games. 

Windows Game Development Process

Game development is a comprehensive process that incorporates graphic artists, writers, designers, and programmers. Though small and independent game developers can also create their custom games and design it on a lower budget. In the early years of windows game development, developers were focused on coding and especially C language. Today, we have plenty of tools that can be helpful in this process. Even non-professional developers can use game creation tools and game engines to create these games. Professional developers are expensive, that is why people want to use this type of tools to develop the games by themselves or employ virtual assistant services. Let’s look at those tools and see how it is possible to develop windows games quickly.


Stencyl is a subscription-based game development tool that can help game creators on their journey. Usually, developers use this engine for creating 2D games for multiple platforms. Once you finish with the details and feel like the game is ready, you can publish it on both the Android and Ios app store. Stencyl supports both platforms for launching your new windows game. If you like mobile games, you can use Stencyl for developing the mobile game as well. More than a few games that have been designed with this tool made it to the top ten lists on various platforms. For example, Wrassling is a popular game that Windows game developers used Stencyl in the creation process.

Software developer of this game engine made it effortless, so that ordinary people can also create video games. You can find various aspects of Stencyl that would make your job a lot easier. One of those sides is that Stencyl does not require the use of any codes at all. To build game logic, users can snap various logical arguments together and, after that, fill the variables. So, there is a little bit of coding here, though it is as simple as building a house with Lego.

RPG Maker

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JRPGs are still representing the thriving genre, and now people can create the games in the vein of classic Final Fantasy. There are various types of this game engine and some versions that you can build your widows game. It is a better idea to check which version is applicable to your needs before starting. Because of the reason that every version has specific features. For instance, RPG Maker XP is the cheapest version. Though it has many other functions, you still cannot do things like character portraits on the same tab next to speech bubbles.

On the other hand, many windows game developers prefer this tool because of the map system. Regardless of the version that you use to create role-playing games, you can get a chance to sell your games as well with the provided license. If you decide to make a specific type of game, this tool is handy and can be the priority for you. RPG has always been a great windows game creation tool; the good news is that, now, you can publish these games on other platforms as well. Some of the most effective games that developers used RPG maker to create are to The Moon and Skyborn and Skyborn.

Twine 2.0

Twine is another tool that can be helpful for an amateur who aims to create windows games. It is an open-source game engine that allows you to construct a massive network of story nodes and then launch it as if it is a functioning HTML app. Scripting abilities of the Twine are what users love about this game engine. This tool allows you to add options like character stats and create random events. Developers can build some dungeon crawlers and add ready gameplay stories to these crawlers. The most popular windows game that formed on this platform is the Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

Game Maker Studio 2

It is one of the oldest tools that game developers use for creating windows games. Windows game developer back in the days remembers this tool as Animo. The tool aims to make 2D video games, and it comes with everything that you need to build a 2D style effectively. It is a primitive tool that you can use. If you do not have enough time to employ on this project, you can find a virtual assistant or full-time developer who can manage it on behalf of yourself. Some of the windows game developers use this tool to make 3D games as well, though it is not so recommendable. This tool allows you to animate 2D objects, draw from scratch the 2D primitives and achieve what you had in mind before starting about the character looks.

Game Maker Studio 2 has efficient tools that help you to generate design levels, mechanics, script events, and more. There have been some good games created by using this tool. For example, Undertale is one of those games. The final product can be published on more than one platform. For instance, you can post 2D games that you create with GMS 2 in HTML 5, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and switch besides, of course, Windows. Game Maker Studio 2 is not free, though there are reasonable and affordable prices that you can utilize.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

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This tool is created by the French game design and development company Click Team. Fusion 2.5 is a unique option for Windows game developers who need to develop 2D games on their own. If you do not want to lose time while learning codes and programming languages, this tool is an excellent substitution that you can utilize. Fusion 2.5 uses specialized coding language that anyone can learn quickly and apply to their games. There are several commercially successful indie games created through this tool. The most popular one is probably the Five Nights at Freddy’s. If you hire a developer who is creative enough, he/she can create even 3D graphics at Fusion 2.5 as well.

Construct 3

Construct 3 is another excellent tool that can be helpful for developers. It is a subscription-based tool like Stencyl, which means you can use it by paying the annual fee and access all the great features. Any game that you can make with Construct 3 is your property so that you can create and sell them as well. It is one of the newest tools. Though there are notable games such as The next Penelope and Switch port are representing this tool. You can construct your game and export it to any other platform according to the preference. There are JavaScript, HTML5, and a few other web-compatible platforms that support games from Construct 3. This feature is great because you can access a larger audience.

Final Thoughts

The gaming world is full of small indie developer stories that use considerably lower budgets to make their dream come to life. Any game is not good because you put millions of dollars on it, it is good because of the idea and implementation. If you have a successful idea, the implementation part can be solved with these tools for amateur windows game developers. So what are you waiting for?

Rustam Jabiyev

Rustam Jabiyev

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