Personal Assistant Service – Why Do You Need It?

Today, you can find different areas of the business conducted remotely on the Internet. It may include design agencies, fitness training centers, content websites, online stores, and other services. In each type of business, some people maintain and do everything themselves. However, to go further and succeed, it is necessary to manage all the angles in a proper way. To realize it, a manager needs an assistant who will accomplish trivial tasks, and so the leader can focus on more important issues. In a word, the virtual assistant agency must make the work process of his boss as comfortable as possible. Let us analyze in more detail what is personal assistant service, and why do you need it? 

What are the main responsibilities of a personal assistant?

The list of general and functional responsibilities related to a personal assistant service is quite broad. Taking into account that the virtual assistant agency should include open-minded and multi-tasking specialists, their duties are continually expanding and complemented by new skills. First of all, such a worker from this service must organize a schedule of a working day of the leader. It may include scheduling business meetings, arranging business trips, preparing official documents for signing. A virtual assistant service should also provide you the right distribution of the flow of phone calls. During this time, the initiations of negotiations should be done by an assistant as well. Apart from this, he has to process and provide the requested information in a convenient format.

While determining the notion of a virtual personal assistant, the majority of people similize it to an office manager. Naturally, the responsibilities of these positions can be somewhat similar, but there are quite a few significant differences as well. As a rule, the list of duties of an assistant is much more comprehensive than that of a secretary. Apart from the above-mentioned duties, there are additional skills needed to take the position of a personal assistant. Therefore, you must find a person who possesses various abilities and talents. Also, the virtual assistant services should provide you a person who has excellent communication and foreign language skills, especially if you are working with companies from abroad.

All in all, we can conclude that time management, including scheduling, prioritizing, tracking, are necessary factors for a business person to hire an assistant. Moreover, other primary reasons leading to applying for a personal assistant service contain representing the leader at online business events. It may include speaking on his behalf, and being able to correctly negotiate.

Why does a manager need an assistant?

personal assistant service

Undoubtedly, to free up time. Do you know how much time your petty tasks take? Making appointments on the calendar, researching information, buying tickets, and many other little things can take up to 80% of your valuable time. Then, why do you need to do it yourself if you can simply instruct someone else? Also, a leader himself learns to correctly and optimally formulate the task, not missing important details. What do we mean by this? For instance, working with a personal assistant service can teach you to properly evaluate your strengths and understand what is important. By doing so, you will learn to lead, set, and split the tasks.

Also, you should be clear while giving a task and setting a deadline for your assistant. To realize it, you need to analyze the information in a vast and profound way to get a better result. During this stage, you will have an opportunity to remember the little things that you might not have paid attention to before. Your personal assistant will help you look at all the processes at a larger scale and understand them in an appropriate way.

The key to success is trust!

Another reason to have a remote working assistant simply has a devoted worker. According to statistics of competitive market analysis, 22% of leaders highlight absolute devotion as an essential quality to hire specialists from the personal assistant service. Working for an idea, not just for money as well as loyalty and ability, not paying that much attention to discontent when the accumulated irritation spills. Often, the bosses emphasize that due to the irresponsibility of subordinates, dishonesty of partners, etc., they can be rude. So, they need a person with a lot of patience and interest in the work. Another distinctive feature of a loyal assistant is a sincere and constant desire to help. What else matters here is precisely the clear execution of the task because of the presence of an analytical mindset.

Apart from this, the degree of trust in a personal assistant service is usually very high. Diverse confidential information such as payment cards and pin codes are the primary reasons for that. Sometimes, an online assistant can even witness problems in the personal life of a manager. Therefore, who may change their career path, often take with them a personal assistant with whom they have a unique working relationship.

Which type of personal assistant service do managers need?

personal assistant service

Nowadays, the leaders look for assistants who are ready to fill out the management team. Furthermore, while visiting the websites, offering personal assistant service, the clients emphasize the importance of communicating. For instance, this skill is necessary to communicate with clients and evaluate their total expectations. Mostly, managers are seeking a candidate who can be polite, but persistent, when necessary during any connection. 

Also, assistants are expected to analyze data, know necessary computer programs, support the company’s website, and become content writing specialists. Accordingly, during the interview, the competitiveness of assistants is ensured by soft skills, such as working in a team, managing time, and digital skills as well.

Now, knowing foreign languages ​​is no longer an advantage, as it already became a necessity. Respectively, there is an increased demand for specialists with foreign languages. Besides, the psychological compatibility with the leader and emotional intelligence are essential. Why? Because in most of the cases, the managers want to work with a developed sociable employee having a broad outlook. Then, you may ask which type of personal assistant to avoid? None of the managers likes spending money too much. Especially, when it is done by an assistant who does not value money while making hotel reservations, buying tickets, or other products. We try to talk about the disorderly attitude toward money. Therefore, it is vital to have a well-versed not only in the services, but also to know perfectly how to optimize company expenses.


According to the results of conducted surveys among assistants and their managers, there were several personal characteristics extracted. The leaders emphasize absolute devotion, constant effort, and brilliant intelligence as the most valuable qualities in a virtual assistant. However, the idea about functionalities that the personal assistant should have may significantly vary due to a leader. Therefore, it is necessary for each employer to present their requirements for candidates in a personal assistant service. Remember, that it does not matter who exactly does the tasks. The main thing that matters is getting the proper result on time and still having the strength and time for further work.



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