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Android Development

  • Usability
  • Customization
  • Security
  • Full Service
  • Deployment

iOS Development

  • Cost-effective
  • High-Speed
  • Quality-rich
  • Third party integration
  • Data migration

Windows Phone Development

  • Strategy Development
  • UX design & Development
  • App Development
  • IOT with App
  • Maintenance & Support

Mobile Development

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Competitor BR Analysis Report
  • Business Analysis Report

A one-stop destination for Successful Mobile App Development

Whether you are looking for an iOS, Android, or cross-platform mobile app development service, Online Virtual Assistant provides you with needed skills and knowledge base. With state-of-art technology, our assistants create customized applications that are a perfect fit for your business requirements.

Skilled Pool of Developers

At Online Virtual Assistant, we hire the best resources with extensive knowledge and skills in modern language programs, backend computing, etc. Each of them provides full-time service focused on individual projects. In this way, we guarantee your idea gets the attention it deserves. They have complete experience of the mobile app development process, which covers all the steps from conceptualization to deployment.

Quality UI Design

Even the smartest back-end functionalities have a competitive disadvantage without attractive User Interface. If you get the help of our assistants, you should not worry about this drawback. We ensure the best UI design with the correct usage of unified colors, fast speed, and responsiveness. High-quality UI improves the interaction between your app and users. We understand the importance of design and only employ people with creative thinking and high-level design skills.

Mobile App Development Process

Our mobile app developers get detailed information about specifications you want to have. In this stage, they also check competition and think about how to differentiate your idea.

Together with UI/UX designers, developers brainstorm the functionality and appearance of the product to make it convenient to use and to engage.

Using the latest technologies, they implement approved ideas for the app. Many tests are carried out during and after mobile app development, stages to ensure error-free performance.

Benefits of Working with Us

Bespoke Apps

Custom tailored to your specifications

Skilled Developers

Access to a highly experienced team of developers


Enjoy our benefits at cost-effective rates


Protection of your ideas and user’s data

Multi Platform

Sophisticated apps both for IOS and Android

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