We understand the importance of illustrations for your business. We also know that finding, recruiting, and keeping a team of experts can be costly and time-consuming. To help you avoid all the challenges of the recruitment process and expenses of in-house teams, we offer you professional online assistance. Our expert illustrators work just like your in-house team. You handpick members who will work full-time for your business, all from the same location. The difference is that you will save a lot of money while still getting the best out of your team.
Delivering the right message is at the core of all successful marketing and promotional activities. You want your target audience to see, understand, and support your ideas or business goals. For a human mind, blocks of texts can be boring. Illustrations, on the other hand, communicate your messages in a creative way that attract instant attention. By simplifying complex content, pictures explain the idea clearly and quickly.


OVA’s Virtual Assistants maintain constant communication with clients. Our illustrators start their tasks by first understanding the needs of businesses. By getting the list of specifications from the client, we ensure that the end product is not different than what you requested. In any stage of the projects, we communicate the ideas to you to get approval before implementing them. No matter if you want a compelling design for websites, books, magazines, or games, our illustrators have the right skills and knowledge of the industries to create attention-grabbing pieces.

What else we offer


You can handpick the team members, scale up or down whenever you want


Getting professional illustrations should not be prohibitive for your business

Vast Pool of Experts

We provide you access to many skillful and experienced talents

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Illustrators create art pieces with the latest software options


We pay much attention to delivering services under specific deadlines

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