How to Spot A Digital Marketing Expert Proficient in His Craft

A digital marketing expert is in many ways, like a juggler manipulating objects. (Erm… not because a marketer manipulates anyone.) He juggles tasks with satisfying precision. Just like juggling, there is more to Digital Marketing than meets the eye. A digital marketing expert has a plethora of skills. From creating content strategies, leading his team, to making use of data analysis effectively – he does it all. He can keep pace with changing trends in the digital world that are comparable to seismic shifts under the earth. Prospective customers have shifted from physical markets to convenient online stores. 

They read, interact, shop, and get all resources online. With each passing day, the global online presence is only increasing. The world is making strides in the field of technology. The digital world – online and offline – has become the universal hotspot for businesses to grow and operate. This new world calls for talented, trained professionals who do everything necessary to achieve high numbers on the sales charts.

Chew On This Example

Imagine there is a stranger who knows nothing about your business/products. Now, one day, through a social media channel, he came across your product. The product design or maybe a promotion scheme you were running captivated him. He made an effort to go to your business website. The appealing interface impressed him. Your product was a good deal for him. The way you described your product was hugely convincing, and so, he created a profile with you. You got a lead. 

Maybe your sales representative approached him later, and he found the experience productive. Your lead finally decided to buy your product. It doesn’t end here. You also offered excellent post-sale services, follow-ups. Your customer found this very convenient. Next, he recommended your brand to his friends and family. He helped build your reputation. After a few days, you sent him a detailed newsletter and an offer for his next purchase. This extra mile you went made him re-purchase products from you. 

This case study completely sums up digital marketing.

What Does a Digital Marketing Expert Do?

 Digital marketing expert

In one word – conversions. Throughout this customer’s journey, it was the digital marketer who made sure that everything was perfect. The customer had nothing to complain about. All of this can happen for you regardless of whether you are a small or large company. Digital Marketing levels the playing field by offering you competitiveness. The social media marketing, the promotion scheme, the catchy web design, the inspiring content, the newsletter – all are various channels through which digital marketing happens.

What matters first is not the quality of your products and services, but how you make yourself visible. How do you inspire confidence among audiences to choose your fantastic product? They will discover the excellence of your product once they try it. Something must lead your customers to identify you. These ‘somethings’ are the techniques that a Digital Marketing Expert adopts –

Search Engine Optimization 

In times when google accounts for 96% of smartphone search traffic and 94% of all organic traffic, it becomes imperative that a website ranks higher on SERPs. SEO helps to achieve this feat. With specific on-page and off-page SEO practices, a digital marketer makes sure that the business reaches the target audience. SEO helps web-pages to rank higher organically in search engine results.

Digital Advertising 

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is a paid effort to drive traffic to the website. ‘Paid Search Marketing’ is synonymous with SEM. Being a paid method, it gives quick results. Google AdWords is the most popular platform for SEM. The ads may be small text-based ads. They may also be in the form of product-listings – visuals and reviews are visible to the audience at once. A digital marketer may either choose PPC (pay-per-click), CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost per thousand impressions). 

Content Marketing

 It is a highly effective method to generate leads and create brand awareness. Content Marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. Some have even been calling it synonymous with Digital Marketing because of the essential role content plays on the internet. After all, it is how you communicate with your audience. Digital Marketing specialists will create a content strategy for the creation of blogs, white-papers, e-books, and on-page content. It also includes personalized Emails and newsletters with appropriate CTAs.

Social Media Marketing 

SMM is not only a matter of ‘going social’ but also figuring out many other things. Where are your audiences? What kind of information will they enjoy seeing? What can inspire them to visit you? It can play a significant role in driving traffic to your website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the social hotspots where digital marketers fend for opportunities to become ‘visible.’ They give their followers special offers, nowhere else to be found updates and build one-to-one relationships. Paid advertising is also an option. A digital marketing expert can create the perfect social media marketing strategy.

Data Analysis 

 Digital marketing expert

It affects many facets of digital marketing. Google Analytics can give you reports, but these are only useful if you know how to use them. An expert comes in here. He draws conclusions from consumer behavior and patterns to make suitable tweaks in the business strategy. These solutions can help in more conversions.

Offline Marketing

Using television ads to afford radio and instant messaging, you can reach your target audience. You can engage with them much more intimately. Offline marketing is conventional but not dead. A digital marketing specialist may pair it with online marketing and do wonders for any business. He can find just the right balance of channels for a

firm. He will carry out extensive research on funds, operational efficiency, competitive trends.

What Makes a Digital Marketing Expert? The Secret Ingredients.

As mentioned in the beginning, there is more to a Digital Marketing expert than visible to the naked eye. He’s juggling so many things at once, but he can do it in perfect synchronicity. An expert knows that there are multiple channels that he must dive in. He realizes the importance of custom content writing for each of these. A pro believes in good content, reliable products, and prompt services – the real treasure a firm can possess.

The expert knows that in this ever-changing digital world, conservative techniques do not work as effectively. He makes it a point to learn new trends in the competitive field, to stay updated with new kinds of software and tools, and emerging channels. An expert will perform many roles. But he’s only human. So, he is most likely to adopt the ‘T-shaped marketing technique’ and focus on achieving in-depth knowledge, experience, and ability in a particular field.

A pro will initiate and manage complex customer relationships. The digital marketing expert will derive value from these interactions and swiftly come up with new ideas. Being an expert, he will know the customers and know them better than anyone else, an expert in consumer psychology. He will have reliable contacts too. An expert will not only target and market but also retarget and remarket. Experts are creative, analytical, and think objectively – the whole package.

 As far as spotting an expert is concerned, you will always find him in your sky-rocketing sales charts!

Jyoti Verma

Jyoti Verma

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