How to Hire an Android App Developer to Create Exciting Apps

The android operating system is the most used mobile operating system in the world, together with IOS. It is available in many high-selling brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and so on. So, it is logical for people to determine their career path in Android app development. You can find thousands, maybe millions of Android app developers in the world. But the point is whether they have the right expertise in this field. Despite many android developers being available in the market, business owners cannot easily hire an Android app developer they are looking for. If you are looking for an android developer but do not know how to hire such a person, this article is for you. We will discuss the aspects you need to look for when you hire an Android app developer. After this post, you will be easily shortlisting candidates for this position.

Important Aspects When You Hire an Android App Developer

Java knowledge

If you still do not know, keep in mind that Java is fundamental for Android. It is the language that Android is written on. So, it is a must-know programming language for Android developers. Indeed, Android developers should have very strong Java knowledge to be able to create apps on Android. For those who have started their coding experience in languages such as Javascript, it may be a little challenging to start with Java. Just like Javascript, Java is also object-oriented. Different from Javascript, it is stricter regarding managing various types of data.

In other words, developers have to be more careful with the data in Java. It is crucial for mobile apps to be concrete. This is what Java offers. It helps users to easily understand what the duty of different elements in the app is. In Java, developers write less code compared to other languages. However, the code in this language is more precise. So, Java has the utmost importance when you hire an Android app developer. Make sure you define the Java knowledge of the developer you recruit to be very strong. 

Android Interactivity

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User experience in Android apps holds a very significant place among features. It includes elements like supplying the correct keyboard, fulfilling suitable gestures, and utilizing pan and zoom in the correct place. These elements are paramount in providing an impressive experience for users. Though these aspects are small, they are, in fact, very useful in enhancing the experiences of users. On top of these features, there are Android components called Activity. It is a single, concentrated thing that users may do. Users interact with almost all Activities. So, Activity established a window where developers may place the user interface.

Another point about interactivity is regarding screen orientation, which is one of the screen configurations. Screen orientation can be a portrait and landscape where it contains an Activity. When a user rotates the screen, the present activity vanishes and emerges in a new orientation. The activity should always be stable when orientations modify. In brief, when you hire an Android app developer, make sure you check his or her knowledge of interactivity. In the end, the users of your app will be dissatisfied if the developer is not up to the mark.

Knowledge of Android UI

It is a must to have UI in an Android application. No matter how functional it is, if an app does not adjust to UI, then it will fail. There are a few basic rules which all developers have to pursue in their application. These include utilizing RecyclerView to fulfill lists and grids, utilizing ConstraintLayout to design sophisticated layouts, using suitable menus, pursuing Material design instructions, and so on. When a developer designs layouts, he or she should not forget to use Responsive Design. In other words, the design of an Android application should adjust depending on the screen of devices it is seen.

For instance, the screen of a tablet must indicate dual-pane layouts to use a widescreen properly. When the app is opened in a smartphone, the app has to utilize a single pane. Developers can achieve this by leveraging Fragments. So, these features clearly show the importance of UI knowledge for an Android developer. That is why, when you hire an Android app developer, take the above-mentioned characteristics into account. 

Working with Data

Data is another crucial aspect of Android applications and must not be disregarded. Developers should be able to work with data while building an Android app freely. They can have a need of getting data from the server, inquiry data from the database, do file handling, etc. it will be necessary to have knowledge of Room database while working with the local database. ContentProvider is another program that might be useful in sharing databases outside the app. Data binding Library is another beneficial program when developers try to bind UI elements in the layouts to a data source in the app. To manage the files, they can utilize file system APIs that are available for developers’ use.

Lastly, to reach the data over the network, developers may utilize the Retrofit 2 library. In short, check the ability of your candidates when you hire an Android app developer. It is not mandatory for them to be able to work on these programs. But again these are quite useful apps with the help of which you can measure their skills.

Knowledge of Android Studio

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Last but not least, a must-have skill for your Android developer is the knowledge of Android Studio. It is the official development environment of the Android operating system. Developers can download it on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Google announced Android Studio in 2013. It released the first stable release of Android Studio in December of 2014. Since 2019, the preferred programming language for Android studio is Kotlin. Nevertheless, it supports other languages, too, such as C++ and Java. One of the features of Android Studio is it allows developers to utilize custom fonts and generate downloadable font resources. XML fonts preview may be used by developers to establish downloadable font resources. 

Another opportunity supplied by Android Studio is the support for Android things. Android things allow developers to construct combined embedded devices with the present Android development instruments. Android Studio eases the process for developers to generate applications on Android things. It fulfills this process by providing a number of new templates. These templates will make it possible for Android app developers to begin inventing the Internet of Things (IoT) application with the help of their instruments and skills.

Wrap up

Further, Google enables users to run Instant apps without installing it in their devices. The next version of Android Studio allows developers to enter Instant apps in their programs. Consequently, it will be easy for developers to stretch their current apps into instant apps by using two special modules supplied by the integrated development environment. In brief, knowledge of Android Studio is not less important than the aforementioned features. So, when you hire an Android app developer, checking Android Studio knowledge of candidates is advisable. In general, there are many other features that business owners from diverse fields may look for. Still, recruiting a developer who possesses the certain basic skills mentioned above will definitely work for your business. 

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