How to find the best SEO content writing specialists?

Search engine optimization is a necessary element of digital marketing that helps keep businesses competitive online. It delivers an abundance of benefits, particularly for businesses that optimize their websites. SEO requires several challenging actions, including keyword optimization, competitor analysis, auditing, and content creation. While each of them provides some advantages, SEO content writing is the backbone of the optimization process. Other mentioned actions mostly contribute to building proper material. Engaging content increases the volume of traffic as it makes the page more visible with the right keywords.

Criteria for Exceptional SEO Content Writing

The requirements for SEO-optimized materials are volatile. They have changed dramatically during recent years with continuous improvement of search engine algorithms. Once upon a time, inserting keywords ensured the visibility of the page. Now, ‘keyword stuffing’ only diminishes the value of the page. Therefore, the need for content writers who follow trends and are well aware of the Search Engine Optimization process has boosted. If you are also concerned about how to find the best SEO content writing specialists, keep reading this article. I will give you some steps to evaluate available service providers. Ask these questions before hiring a writer to make a decision that is the best fit for your business needs. 

Who/what is Their Main Target?

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There exist many factors that you need to pay attention to before selecting a writing service provider. The first criteria – writing for humans- reflect the need for SEO content built for readers. Sometimes writers focus on keywords and links extensively. They try to load the material with several keywords to make it related to the search queries. Their main target here is search engine rankings, not visitors. In this way, they want to improve the visibility of the page as a search engine ‘will’ find their content more relevant. 

However, instead of bringing benefits, this strategy has a negative impact. As a writer does not consider the readers, the text becomes robotic. It will be neither engaging nor helpful for the visitors. Therefore, when people open the page and start reading, they will immediately leave the site. As a result, the bounce rate of the page will increase, which will be a barrier to appearing in the top search results. When you look for SEO content writing providers, try to evaluate their blog posts based on qualities like engagement or readability. If the content is helpful and easy-to-read, inserting keywords to the right places would not be challenging. 

Do They Provide Quality Writing Service?

Besides creating content by targeting reader’s engagement, there are some technical skills that writers should possess. Grammar, for instance, is one of them. The context of the material does not matter if it has poor grammar. Having punctuation mistakes or excessive typos decrease the value of the content. Do not forget; people want to trust your material. Whether you are explaining a problem or giving advice, visitors need to believe you to stay on-page and keep reading. Content with grammatical errors signals to readers that the writer does not care about them: as a result, there can be no discussion of trust. 

Another point to consider is the practical usage of hooks in the introduction or headlines. A hook is an attention grabber that writers create by storytelling, quoting, etc. This piece of sentence ensures that content attracts the readers. If you do not have much information about effective content writing, do not worry. Evaluating the hook strategies of writers is pretty simple. Read some of their samples. If you get attracted and feel the need to continue reading, the writing service provider does a high-quality job. If not, it is not worth to evaluate their services as visitors will probably yawn reading them. 

Can They Use Keywords Properly?

SEO keywords reflect the essence of the content. Those are the words that best explains the goal of the material to the search engine. As a result, your content appears on top results when visitors use these words in their search queries. However, keyword usage is a challenging process. These words should fit naturally. When visitors read the content, they should not feel that a writer pushed the keyword there without considering the transitions. There are also some specific places where putting keywords will be more helpful. Topic, headings, introduction, and conclusion paragraphs are some of them. Besides, you can also check their previous works of SEO content writing services with a keyword focus. See if a writer created material that appears on top search results for the exact targeted keyword. 

Do They Master Links?

SEO content marketing also requires links. There are two types of hyperlinks; internal and external. In more detail, internal links connect to the pages of the same website. In contrast, external ones link the content to other sites. The purpose of link usage is that it indicates search engines what the post is about. Besides, it leads to search engine algorithm to crawl to other pages and improve the overall ranking of the site. 

Writers need to be aware of the proper usage of the links. When they insert links, the main thing to focus on is the anchor text. Anchor text is usually up to 4 words, which reflect the direct meaning of the link. Therefore, it is not advisable to use anchor text that does not fit the purpose of the link. Plus, it is better to insert external hyperlinks from trusted websites, rather than spammy ones. In general, providers with reliable services will recruit writers with good knowledge of SEO techniques. Alternatively, they can train the writers about the importance and implementation of SEO strategies. 

Can They Provide Long Content?

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Previous research on top search results indicated that best performing contents have around 1800 words. Hence, we can conclude that long content has better visibility and a lot of businesses use this content marketing strategy. No longer short, 300 word paragraphs with keywords will work for your website. The reasoning behind it is that search engines think longer material provides more helpful information. As a result, users can find all the answers to their questions on one page. 

Therefore, if you want to have exceptional SEO content writing, you need to target long form pieces. When you look for a service provider, analyze their long posts. Keep in mind that the number of words will not matter if the post is of low quality. Merely repeating the same ideas to extend the post will not bring any benefit to your webpage. An impeccable content is comprehensive and includes many aspects of the problem discussed. There are numerous virtual assistant services that you can benefit from especially if the case is about content writing.   

Let Us Help You

It is not difficult to find writers. One Google search is enough to access a vast pool of SEO content writing services. However, your business does not need ‘any’ writer; it requires a content creator with exceptional writing skills, creativity to attract visitors, and knowledge of SEO practices. To find the best service provider, you can evaluate each of them with the questions mentioned before. Even better, you can enjoy impeccable SEO content writing by selecting a content writer as an Online Personal Assistant. We analyze the skills of each assistant based on those features discussed above. As a result, we gather only high-performance writers in our team. Do not waste your time or energy; let us help you to get a decent SEO writing service. 

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