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Finding a suitable company to hire an android developer is sometimes more difficult than coming up with an idea for a startup. Since the IT sector and other related fields are considered the fastest-growing fields of the world economy, this is not surprising. Accordingly, there are thousands of mobile application development companies, offering their services on freelance platforms and social networks. Then, how to understand if the developer you choose can create precisely what you want, using cutting-edge technologies? You should analyze several options to detect the most appropriate one among them. However, if you think that you are lost in the number of existing ​​offers, we have distinguished the following criteria to help you successfully hire dedicated android developers for your project.

Importance of initial impression

To begin, even at the very first stage, you can get an idea if this company can provide you the right personnel you need. Why? Because, as a rule, people build the foundations of relationships during the first call or interview. To evaluate the professionalism of the developers, you should carefully follow the progress of the meeting. Specialists who already have enough experience in this field will try to go deeper and ask related questions. They do it to dive into the problem and try to understand the purpose of the project. However, if you see those that just float on the surface of the issue, this means that they do not insist on working. Immediately, avoid such people who do not have interests in the work they are doing.

Also, pay attention to the honesty of the workers. If, during the conversation, you feel that the topic is going around the monetary terms, then it might be that the company is only interested in your money. Undoubtedly, it is normal that people want to earn money. But it is not right and ethical when this desire becomes the first and only goal. 

Then, comes the possibility of effective communication. We are not only talking about the languages, but about a real understanding of each other. It is crucial that both sides can look at the problem from the same angle and understand it in the same way. Besides, the communication tools used for contact should be convenient and flexible enough. Therefore, make sure to discuss the schedule and format of communication right at the beginning of your cooperation.

Main Duties of a Developer

hire an android developer

There exist several core responsibilities of an android developer, which may vary according to a company. Still, there are some ordinary and necessary duties of each developer. The main task of a developer includes creating applications and user interface functionality. All of these should be done using clean code and building a well-designed architecture. Unfortunately, any software development services encounter errors in the code. To avoid further errors, a developer should consider possible ones beforehand. At least, he should be able to find some of these errors in the code, as well as fix errors discovered by other team members, for instance, quality assurance engineers. Respectively, developers must create and maintain effective collaboration with other team members. Therefore, to hire an android developer, you should consider that strong communication between employees is key to success.

Remember, to pay attention to work with databases and web API. Typically, a developer needs to engage in external sources, including different databases and various APIs. Furthermore, we advise you not to forget about unit testing abilities considered an integral part of the software development cycle. During the development process of your application, mobile game developers need to test it.

What to pay attention to if you want to hire an android developer?

Firstly, keep in mind that a critical asset for any developer is a portfolio. There you can check previously completed projects and ready mobile applications of a person. If the portfolio contains real links, then it fully ensures the experience of the master. You can check the professionalism of the developer by the quantity and quality of these applications. In addition, if you wonder about reliability, references from the previous clients can serve you like tips to hire an android developer. It is not a secret that references and reviews may sometimes be false. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the customers and ask about the developers yourself. This is extremely important when your project requires high financial costs. Such a request should be formally accepted by the professionals and done quickly. This will emphasize the adequacy of a specialist who knows what remote work ethics and culture are.

Besides, ask the candidate about tools he uses when developing mobile applications. An experienced developer uses modern tools, following the latest tendencies, and continually improving his skills. Also, check the availability of the person and rate how easily you can contact him. Remember that you are working with a real person who is responsible for your project. Therefore, if you notice that a specialist tries to hide his contact information or does not answer calls, then immediately refuse the contract.

If you want to hire a dedicated android developer, do not forget to propose a candidate to work on a safe deal. If a person practices fraud or throws customers halfway, then he will resist this form of work. Such a person will bring several factors to emphasize the imperfections of a safe deal. So, be sure to protect your interests and work with reliable software developers to provide secure conditions.

Other characteristics

hire an android developer

Moreover, we recommend you to specify the details of the existing warrant and overall maintenance of the application. Specify what kind of guarantee the specialist may provide you? According to the statistics, the average time is three months. Also, during the development process, you may have some new ideas. Accordingly, this may require some additional costs. However, it is not normal when, during some phase, a developer tries to have any additional financial claims. Therefore, be sure to discuss such moments beforehand, if you want to hire an android developer. We can emphasize that warranty and maintenance of the application are mandatory points in the work of the right specialist. An experienced worker will monitor the serviceability of your product, at least at the initial stage of implementation. 


The industry of application development is evolving and changing fast. Therefore, you can face hundreds of firms opening daily to meet the needs of the demand area. However, as you can see, to hire android developers, you do not only need to search for programmers, but also testers, graphic designers, etc. We tried to make a list of suggestions to help you hire an android developer to complete the project correctly and get a really cool application. 

If you are still wondering how to hire an android developer for your application, be sure that these criteria will assist you in making the best choice. Our experience says that full compliance with the points mentioned above will filter out unreliable candidates and guarantee to receive a genuinely high-quality product. Keep in mind that android developers stand at the core of your product’s implementation. So, carefully choose your professionals to get a ready-made functional application that develops and prospers the business.



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