Essential Tasks to Outsource to Professional Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services have become indispensable in the roles they play in helping get early-stage startups off the ground. Usually, entrepreneurs are good at multitasking. Nevertheless, even the most competent entrepreneurs must learn to let the steering wheel go from time to time.

Learning to prioritize your time and mental focus is key to high productivity all round every day. To help you figure out the best tasks to outsource, we have compiled a list of some critical tasks you’re better off delegating to expert virtual assistant services.

3 Listings to Figure Out What to Outsource

The responsibilities of a small business owner or sole proprietor are endless. There are high priority tasks that need to be accomplished on a daily bases and other less important ones.

Nevertheless, all tasks need to be fulfilled before the close of the day. These may include bookkeeping, social media management, logo designing, and many more. The fact remains that every small business owner has a plateful of responsibilities.

According to Chirs Ducker, a popular virtual CEO, it is recommendable for every entrepreneur to write up a list he calls “The three list to freedom.”

This list will help free your time to think and solve problems only the entrepreneur can solve instead of focusing on everyday tasks that ‘the average Joe’ can accomplish. Having created this list, you will be able to delegate your time effectively and your productivity will climb higher.

Below are three things this list must contain

  • Activities you hate doing
  • Tasks you can’t do by yourself
  • Jobs you think shouldn’t take up your time.  

Item one on “The three List to Freedom” includes all daily tasks and activities you’d rather not do, even if someone offered you money to do them. In other words, these are the things you dislike getting yourself into any given day. These things could include tasks like data entry, bookkeeping, answering calls, and more.

The second thing on the list is the aspect of business routines that you can say you have no experience or skill in doing. Though you may be a ‘Jack of all trades’, there is a thin line between a hobby and a business skill. If you don’t think you would hire someone with your level of expertise to perform a task, maybe you aren’t qualified for it. Usually, these would be tasks like graphic designing or social media management.

Finally, from what Ducker said, the third set of tasks is a “game-changer” for every small business owner. You need to honestly answer the question: What shouldn’t I be doing? Bear in mind; you are no superhero.

According to Ducker, this is the essential road map to find the right VA or virtual assistant service.

But what are virtual assistant services and what can you expect from them?

Virtual Assistant Services and what to expect

The virtual assistant services market has grown significantly over recent years. There are some obvious reasons for this uptick. While many are still asking what is a virtual assistant, several other workers find the online personal assistant role more attractive than your everyday 9 – 5. With benefits like competitive pay, flexible hours, no commute, and better life balance, it is easy to understand why you would find some of the most talented and skilled professionals working as virtual assistants.

To appreciate just how popular the role of virtual assistant has become, take a look at any job listing website that comes to mind. Chances are, you will find thousands of jobs under the virtual assistant category. Reasonably so, here are some of the essential benefits of a virtual assistant (VA).

  • VAs can help you scale your business quickly
  • They can cut off valuable time from your standard workweek.
  • They can help you save on employee-related expenses.
  • Unlike employees, VAs do not need office space

The benefits outweigh the disadvantages (if you can think of any). Once the details are outlined and signed in the contract, you can rest assured all duties will be discharged accordingly. Several business experts expressed the fact that a reliable virtual assistant service could play the role of talent recruiter or HR firm and should be treated as such.

Especially in cases where trust and dependability are firmly established, the virtual assistant becomes an integral member of staff. 

However, as far as roles for virtual assistant services go, you can rest assured the right virtual assistant better performs the following roles.

Roles to outsource to virtual assistant services

  • Digital marketing and SEO personnel
  • Web developer
  • Software developer
  • Content/copywriter
  • Video/Audio editor
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Data entry
  • Miscellaneous
  • General virtual assistance

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to recruit a new employee to fill these roles. With as little as $3 per hour, you can find a highly qualified virtual assistant who will meet all your business and professional needs.

Now, let’s take a close look at the responsibilities that some of these roles will perform.

Key Responsibilities of Virtual Assistant Roles

SEO & Digital Marketing 

Your business has a product, a website, and a solid plan to market this product. However, the last piece that may solve this puzzle is the perfect SEO and digital marketing specialist. These professionals are skilled at the art of getting your online audience to pay attention to your marketing messages and hence meet your business goals.

This skill is invaluable, especially if you can get it for a fraction of the cost that it would take to recruit a full-time employee. Because when you are starting, you might be strapped for cash even though you still need professional-level services. With the right virtual assistant services company, you can find the SEO and digital marketing person who will perform the following roles.

  • Creating and optimizing landing pages
  • Conducting blog analysis and performing keyword research for new content.
  • Drafting a marketing and SEO strategy.
  • Make submissions for webmasters and sitemaps.
  • Conduct on-page and on-page optimization for search engines based on particular keywords.
  • Analyze campaign performing using tools like Google Analytics and SemRush.

The list goes on. However, these are some of the key responsibilities of your next SEO and digital marketing virtual assistant.

Content Writer

Perhaps one of the longest-standing myths on the internet is a common belief that anyone can write good content. The introduction of measuring tools and metrics to evaluate the performance of content marketing objectives have proved this myth to be just that – a myth!

Content writing is an art and requires a unique set of expert skills to write and market. Therefore, graphic designers or accountants shouldn’t up content writing simply because they can write. Here are some of the responsibilities your next content writer will be performing.

  • Guess blogging and posting
  • Blog post and article writing
  • Creating unique marketing material like white papers, infographics, and product brochures.
  • Crafting emails newsletters for email campaigns.
  • Publishing industry-related reviews of books
  • Managing the content management system of the business.

A skilled content writer is fully aware of how these different responsibilities integrate to make an excellent content strategy.

General Virtual Assistant

online personal assistant

A general virtual assistant performs all the minor administrative tasks that can be outsourced to a remote worker. Some of these include invoicing, creating sales reports, compiling customer inquiries, data entry, and processing payrolls. By allowing a virtual assistant services worker to complete these, you free up valuable time to work on more important aspects of your business. 

Here are some of the responsibilities you would be getting off your shoulder with the help of a general virtual assistant.

  • Database updates, entry, for business contacts, sales, CRM, and many more.
  • Tasks of a receptionist like checking messages, answering calls, and leaving voicemails.
  • Payroll and bookkeeping duties like adding expenses, updating salaries, and calculating hours

Still wondering exactly what is a virtual assistant and what is their essence in today’s workplace? Hopefully, this article gave you a few ideas.


You can hire a virtual assistant to specifically take care of these responsibilities and several others that fall under the category of a business or personal assistant. Hence, virtual assistant services are many; you only need to figure out which task needs to be outsourced. The three lists to Freedom is sure to help you on your way to freeing up more time. 

Faustinus Angmortey

Faustinus Angmortey

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