Best Languages to Get Started With IOS App Development

IOS app development can be a rewarding full-time job or a hobby. For an amateur, though, it can be tricky to choose the right development language. Each coding language will perform the same task, but the results can vary from language to language. The results are set by the framework you choose to use the code in. 

The point of this article is to help you visualize the options you have for choosing a coding language, and understand the pros and cons of each selection. Reviewing some strategies that can help you boost your learning speed and help you get the IOS apps you have into the market on time are also tactics you will be reading in the article. After considering your app costs, you will need to consider the question of what is the “best” language for IOS app development. The “best” language will depend significantly on what you expect from your application, and the goals you have set forth. 

The need to code from scratch

So what do IOS app developers need to do? In some instances, applications do not need to be coded. Making it very important to know the goals of the mobile app development you are looking to work on. It is crucial to determine what your app will be accomplishing. Is your app going to be providing additional features to some business? Are you working on IOS app development to have some income on the side? Or are you trying to revolutionize the industry as a whole? Whatever the case, all of these are different kinds of applications. These applications all have widely varying requirements for the time and expertise required. 

Depending on the task you are looking to accomplish IOS app development can cost you various amounts of time. It is possible to estimate the total number of times an app development can charge you. Some simple applications can take around 300 hours to code and complete, whereas a standard application can cost you double those hours.

Considering Time

ios app development

However, this does not even include the time spent on learning the coding process or also making any demos. It is purely the time spent on the actual app development. So when deciding on the skeleton of your application and what you want it to do, try to be a bit realist because you do not want to stop halfway simply because you overestimate your abilities on coding the application. Before committing yourself to the IOS app development project, answer these questions: Is this a one time project? Are you planning on becoming a full-time application developer? Do you plan on creating several applications overtime? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you determine the time you can spend on making the application become a reality. From the information mentioned above, it is clear that software development is a time-costly activity, but one that can easily be very rewarding.

Some issues to look out for

If and when the apple drops on your head and you get a brilliant idea for an IOS app development, you are most likely to start coding it all by yourself. This can be a problem because, after some time, you are going to be overwhelmed with the requirements and technology you work with. Some developers usually give up. Still, the developers who push on are likely to scratch most of the coding they have done before. Because, as time has passed, they are likely to perfect the art of IOS app development. Sadly when such barriers are faced, some developers abandon their ideas as a whole, or some even opt to outsource the projects they are working one costing them thousands of dollars. 

Some prerequisites 

Having the right tools handy before starting to code is also a must. Apple will be the first to offer you its native application for app development called Xcode. The role of the software is to serve as an editor for the app developer’s code. It can also be used as a way to see a preview of the apps you develop before launch and a debugging tool. The software is free to download, but sadly it only runs on Mac computers. The best feature of Xcode is the ability to see a preview of the applications you have developed, as a final version before launch.

Nowadays, around 12 iPhones are running the latest IOS software. These dozen devices alone make IOS app development a very challenging task. The root of these challenges arise from the fact that each method has its screen size, devices can vary in resolutions, and not all models have the same capabilities. You might develop an application that requires the use of a super retina screen, for instance, that is only available on the latest iPhone models. Or maybe an application can be coded to make use of many different cameras that are available on newer iPhones and might crash when using an iPhone that has a single camera. Also, applications should be able to run on every version of IOS that is still supported.  

Best languages for IOS app development

There are mainly two coding languages used for developing an IOS application. These languages are Objective-C and Swift.


ios app development

Apple company, when developing the first applications, choose the Objective-C coding language. Steve Jobs licensed the software when he founded NeXT computers in the 80s, and later it was carried over to Apple. Objective-C is similar to other programming languages like C# and C++. If you have any experience with those coding languages, you won’t have a hard time adjusting to Objective-C. Because the syntax and basic structure are similar to that of C. Still, most professionals do not recommend using Objective-C for IOS app development. The reason for that is, Apple has launched its own homemade programming language Swift. The launch of Swift has done the works of Objective-C obsolete. This does not mean the coding style is no longer functioning, but the features of the newer Swift overpower Objective-C in the features department. 


The Swift coding language is much more convenient than Objective-C. This convenience makes the language more future proof for IOS app development. Swift is considered as the holy grail for anyone starting on developing applications for the iPad and iPhone. Big names in the industry, such as Firefox and WordPress IOS applications also use the coding on Swift for their applications. As time goes on, many more companies are sure to adapt to the new coding language. If everyone is choosing Swift for their app development, then so should you. Because as time passes and everyone transfers to the platform, you will be one step ahead of the game.

 If your goal is to be developing these applications on your own, your main priority should be to learn the Swift coding language. It is the coding language with the best prospect and future. And it will be a system that has the support of Apple for a long time to come. 

Aftandil Shahbazli

Aftandil Shahbazli

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