A Short Guide To Hire App Developers Skilled In Their Craft

In the technological milieu, we are in; it’s imperative to stay updated. Keeping your business in tune with the latest updates can help you go a long way. In 2018, there were 198 million app downloads. Apps are here to stay. The decision to create a business app is a wise one. Being mobile-friendly is convenient for customers and helps you grow in terms of brand awareness too. It can become a channel for earning money as well. Read on to know how to set an impeccable app-development framework and best ways to hire app developer.

Apps created haphazardly, without proper knowledge, are a waste of time and resources. Now you decide to hire app developer. App developers come in all kinds with their own set of languages, customs, and other quirks. No two will ever be the same. If your B2B business wants to hire developers, you’ve landed at the right place. We will tell you about the kinds of developers in the industry and how you can choose the best ones. Keep reading to get clarity in our much-researched segment.

The research you need to do 

Research is a critical and defining step. Before you even think of hiring anyone, you have to create a budget. You must take everything into account – overhead costs, server hosting costs, subscription fees you will pay to third party services for emails, push notifications, SMS, and lastly, the legal fees. Do a comprehensive study on the price point of your app and monetization strategy, as well. Be well aware of your market positioning.

What kind of app do I want?

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Awareness of what type of application you wish to create will help you move in the right direction. There are many kinds of app developers. You might ask – what are industry rates for app developers? The one you hire will depend on the type of app you want. Unfamiliar with techie jargon? We have you covered here. 

  • WEB APP DEVELOPERS – Web apps are apps that run on the browsers. They are websites, but their functionality is just like an app. Think of shopping carts or even G-mail – all are web apps.
  • NATIVE APP DEVELOPERS – Native apps are apps built for a specific platform. If you choose an Android app developer, they must primarily have Java skills. iOS demands Objective C and Swift skills. Each platform is highly specific. 
  • HYBRID DEVELOPERS – Web app + native app components = hybrid apps. Easy peasy. These app developers are called multi-platform developers. 

Some More Jargon…

While you are mentioning what kind of a developer you need, making mention of the following distinctions can help. This segment will also give you vital insights when you check the developer’s portfolio. 

  • FRONT-END DEVELOPERS – They deal with user-interface components like the design. Front-end developers work on how the app will look and feel from the user’s point of view. 
  • BACK-END DEVELOPERS –They manage the server-side technicalities. Back-end developers manage the connection to the internet.
  • FULL STACK DEVELOPERS – Rare to find, full-stack developers will deal with both front-end and back-end operations. If you find a good one, you have a catch. 

What is my app’s functionality? 

  • If your app is complex and functionally advanced, you will need a pro. If you want to make a calculator, you will pay less. Now think of a complex application that has login functionality and customized experience for each user. IT will naturally cost more.
  • If your app handles sensitive information, like card-numbers, you will need someone with IT involvement initially. A team of pros is best suited.
  • If you want the quickest results, go for a highly trained professional. A pro will charge more. 

Hiring Options

As per your app’s functionality, you will know whether you need a team of pros to build a complex application or a moderately skilled developer for a simple app that will cost less and get things done. You have the following options – 

  • B2B marketer that offers expert app development services – Reliable but costly. Suitable for highly complex apps.
  • A local app developer – Economical, functional, reliable. Suitable for moderately complex apps.
  • An outsource developer – Can be cheap, but reliability is a must. Best for the simplest app needs. 

Key Points you must keep in mind…

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Now you know exactly what kind of a developer you need for the perfect app and how much you can pay him/her. It’s time to choose a developer. Keep the following in mind, and you’re good to go.


This is, after all, the reason you’re hiring a developer. The perfect local developer will have pro skills, especially in the language that your app platform requires. Your research will come in handy here.


Make it a point that you check the applications that they have mentioned. Are they functional? Do they run smoothly? Remember that you have to work with this person for months. If a person with the right skillset and excellent communication skills approaches you, he is suitable. A developer doesn’t necessarily have to have worked with famous brands. What matters is the skillset. Now, if they have an impressive portfolio, does it match your requirements? That’s all that should matter.


The prospective developer must tell you the various stages in the development of the app. Their confidence in performance will show you how effective and efficient they are likely to be. They should provide an estimated time frame to complete it too. You want to be on the same page as your developer.


Usually, developers are not in touch with continually changing developer policies. You must make sure that the one you hire is. 


You don’t need the cheapest product but the best product. Know that if you want a good app with industry-level functionality, you will also have to pay the industry level price. This doesn’t mean you have to pay an exorbitantly high cost. Keep your budget generous this way. The results matter the most.


 It is the best thing if the candidate can offer client reviews and recommendations. You can personally contact the previous client base, as well. This is especially helpful if you are going to invest a lot of money on the app. Reliability plays a significant role. 


You should hire an iOS developer who offers support after a project is done. Several issues can crop-up and disrupt the user experience. For addressing this, you should have reliable services for making updates and essential changes. 

It’s a wild world out there. The app development industry is a vast one, but if you understand what you want and communicate it effectively, you can quickly get the best app within your budget. Apps are a booming industry and give just the right boost to your business. We, at Online Virtual Assistant, offer expert software development services. If you are looking to hire app developer that handles your complex needs and delivers results, we are who you are looking for to find them easily. 

Jyoti Verma

Jyoti Verma

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