A Guide To Forming An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

The area of content marketing is rapidly evolving, leaving no room for errors or faulty decisions. Having a smart and robust content marketing strategy is the first step you can take to be one step ahead of the game. It’s always wise to have new and fresh ideas that are up to date with modern demands. Using the same content marketing strategy every year can potentially hurt your business. Making sure to innovate from time to time is the key. If you consider the fact that most well known B2B marketers report spending 40 percent of their income on their content marketing strategy, then you should wake up and smell the coffee! Because now it’s the best time for improvements. 

What is a content marketing strategy?

Any media that you own and manage, whether it is visual, written, downloadable, or else can be referred to as a content strategy. It is the marketing plan that defines you and your expertise in the industry you are committed to. The creation of content is indeed vital to the growth of a business, but even more important is the well thought out purpose of the content you create. Hence, when creating a content marketing strategy, there are more than a couple of things to consider.

The importance of creating content marketing strategies

The marketing of content is essential for any business because it helps companies plan for new leads and useful sources of website traffic. If a single blog post that you create can get a steady stream of organic traffic, imagine adding a link to free tools and ebooks for readers, this will guarantee more leads for your company as time goes on. This steady stream of traffic and leads from the organic content that you create will allow you to experiment with other marketing strategies to create even more revenue. This revenue can come from social media advertising, sponsored content, and content that is distributed. 

Aside from generating a steady stream of traffic, your organic content will help you educate your target audience and create a strong presence for your brand. Some business owners use online virtual assistants to provide for many of their company needs.In fact using virtual assistant services can be helpful for you because they are professionals and the services are cost efficient. 

Your target audience

target audience

This may seem like a topic that is widely known and understood, but some aspects are often overlooked, leading to an unsuccessful content marketing strategy. Besides answering the question, who is the target audience? You need to focus on more concrete questions like, how many different types of people will be seeing your content? Because just as your business would require you to work with more than one kind of person, your material should also suit the needs of a diverse set of viewers and readers. Creating and using a wide selection of content types through different channels will make sure that you reach out to and deliver varied content to diverse audiences. It is vital to prep your content writing team in accordance to make sure that you engage everyone in the activities of your business. 

Solutions provided to the audience

Most likely, the service or product your business provides, help cure the problems your audience faces. Your content marketing strategy should be able to help your clients identify their challenges and educate them on how to address them efficiently. A good content strategy can serve the clients on both sides of the spectrum. One side of the spectrum can be potential clients who are trying to discover what their main problems are, and the other side of the range could be clients that are using your services to overcome their obstacles. A successful content marketing strategy can help cement the services and solutions you offer, and make sure your clients are more qualified to use your products.

Being unique

It’s always good to be unique. This idea is well suited for everyday life and the area of content marketing. Your company is most likely one of the hundreds of different companies, all providing roughly the same service. But since you are looking to innovate, you should make it known that you are somewhat different than the others or better. To achieve this goal, you need to make it clear through the content you create that you are offering something different; this can be an innovation, lower prices, or better customer service. This way, you will grab the attention of your potential customers and prove to them that you are worth their time.

Formats of your content

As was stated previously, content can come in all shapes and sizes. Content can be videos, blog posts, infographics, etc. Having identified the type of content you want to create, you should focus on which types you should pour the most money on, and which ones to budget. If you are having issues with this complicated stuff, all you need to do is to hire a virtual assistant and outsource these duties to him/her. 

Where will the content be published?

The whole point of creating content is publishing and sharing them on different channels to reach as many viewers as possible. And just as businesses create content in various formats, they need different kinds of channels to share them on. Such channels can include owned social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, to your websites and blogs. 

Running a content audit 

Relatively newer companies usually start their content marketing strategy by creating blog posts. But as time passes, producing other types of content becomes necessary. Looking at what kinds of content you can provide is a great start. Let’s say that you have been creating only blog posts for the past couple of months, creating an ebook that combines all of the blog posts into a single guide can be the most efficient way to publish content in a fresh format. Also, if you have been running your business for some time, it would be best to review the types of content you have published in the last year and see which one of them has been the most rewarding. 

Try experimenting with already well revenue-generating content pieces to see what you can do to innovate in the coming years, and set new standards and goals for your company to reach. But remember the saying, do not fix what is not broken. It would also be wise to set your personal team goals following the goals of your company. 

The right content management system

Just like with any business model, content creation also requires a well thought out content management system to function. Some crucial areas of content management can include content publications, content analytics, and content creation. Some companies opt for third-party companies to take care of content management, but this is mainly done by large companies that require extensive content publishment and marketing to stay afloat. Hence they leave it to the absolute professionals to do the work for them. But for a smaller company, it would be wise not to pour money into third party companies, but rather to have in-house professionals set individual management systems to ensure a steady marketing run. 

Creating a content marketing strategy may seem like a daunting task for many small businesses, but the key is to review and observe the practices of content marketing. Through this observation, you can first learn about the tools of the trade and later improve and refine the age-old tactics to better suit the needs of your company and clients. 

Aftandil Shahbazli

Aftandil Shahbazli

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