7 Things to Consider Before you Hire a Web Developer

Prominent builder websitesetup.org argues that anyone can create their website, then why do you need a web developer? Although this may be true for the past, today there are easy to use tools that can help build websites even for people with limited technical knowledge. Content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal enable anyone to create well-conceived websites. Nonetheless, there are still two main reasons why you should want to hire a web developer

The first one is that it saves you time. The second one involves more technical know-how that only web developers can offer. In both cases, you need to know how to find, hire, and work with web developers so that your project runs smoothly. This post aims to guide you through the things that you need to know before you hire a web developer.

Defining your Project

Before you hire a developer, you need to know exactly what your needs are. If your vision about what you want to accomplish is not clear, then there is no point in searching for a web developer. Generally, for website changes, tasks come from two different forms. The first is the design, and the second is functionality. The design of the website can be anything such as redesigning the brand logo, changing header images, updating page layouts, and more. The coding or functionality part includes changes on the management panel of the website or adding new features such as shopping cards and more. It depends on which of these two areas you want to work on your site. If you’re going to build your website entirely from scratch, you may need both of these services at once.

Write Down Your Needs and be Clear about it

By doing so, you will manage to:

  • Eliminate Wrong Candidates: If you provide a clear job description, you can eliminate candidates who are not qualified for the job
  • Save your Time Upfront-If you have clear expectations from candidates; it can help web developers to save time in the discovery process so that you can go to the implementation process of your project right away.
  • Receive better estimates and achieve clarity: writing tasks down is an effective way of planning because it can help you to make the ideas less hazy. If you know the extent of the functions, it will allow applicants to estimate the time and cost of the project better, so you will be able to identify these factors beforehand.

What Kind of Web Developer Do You Need?

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If you make things clear about what kind of website you want to build, then you need to think about web developers. The term web developer covers many skills and job descriptions, that is why sometimes people confuse them with web designs. Let’s look at the differences between a web designer and web developer to understand better and implement the concept.

Developer versus Designer

First of all, there is a clear distinction between a developer and a web designer. A web designer is a person who creates assets like icons and images and comes up with the look of a particular website. Graphic design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator are their expertise tools. In practice, graphic designers do not implement that stuff on sites, though they show you an objection about the active job and how it will look like in the end. Instead, a developer is a person that writes codes, so that means he/she edit files on the sites and make necessary changes. They can create an entire web site from scratch. Before you hire a web developer, you need to have an idea about their specializations and then start looking for candidates.

You need insight into Subgroups

The most significant subgroups of developers are front end and back end developers. You need to hire a web developer according to your needs, so; these subgroups are essential for defining that. In case you did not know, the front end is the part of a website that users see when they enter, and the back end is everything behind that. Front end developers are like web designers. They both take care of the look of the websites and use the same language. These jobs overlap with each other in many criteria. Back end developers are the ones who focus on how your website works. Functionality, website speed, and technical issues are the issues that they are most concerned about. Their skills stack includes a variety of tools such as PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, and other programming or coding languages.

Why is Full Stack Web Developer a Good Choice for you?

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Whether it is front end or back end developers, you need to know that they specialize in one field. If your needs require those special skills, they can handle it. So, that means if you are looking to hire a web developer who can deliver both results, then your choice should be a full stack developer. A full-stack developer is the one that can handle building a website, coding, programming, as well as the design and implementation. While their knowledge is not as in-depth as another specialist (front/back end), they are still able to produce effective results according to your needs. Before you hire a web developer, keep in mind that most of the full stack developers are expensive. Though you can save time by employing them because they need less coordination in comparison with the other one way specialists.

Where to hire a web developer?

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to find and hire web developers now. In the past, you would be able to find one only after browsing through local classifieds. Though, now we have many sites which provide us with professionals who are willing to help us. One of those sites is the OVA (Online Virtual Assistant). By clicking to the website, you can filter the result page and find your web developer easily.

To finalize, you need to know that experienced web developers work faster though there are expensive than amateur ones. If you want to make a profit and get useful services, pay an hourly wage to experienced developers and fixed-wage to amateurs whenever you hire a web developer. The amateur developer needs more revision and corrections. Besides, they are cheaper than experienced ones. While doing so, you can avoid extra expenses by paying them fixed wages and ask them to build your sites. Though, if you want to save time and develop your website quickly, the best option is a highly experienced web developers.

Rustam Jabiyev

Rustam Jabiyev

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