6 Secrets To Know Before Hiring A Developer

Let’s say you want to hire a developer. This means that you have reached a certain point in your business, and are looking to broaden your efforts. Almost every consumer nowadays is connected to the world wide web in a certain way. It is only a great idea to use this for the benefit of your business. Hiring a good developer can be a challenging task you will undertake for your business. The reason for this is the person you are going to hire will have the responsibility of creating an online presence for your business. This presence must be a valid one, because it will be the virtual face you are going to use to communicate with your customers. A smooth consumer to business interaction will take your business a long way towards success. 

It does not matter what you are looking to develop. You could be in the market to create a mobile application, polish the user experience of your website, or just want apps that are critical for your business. In any case, you will be looking for a professional coder. Since the industry is filled with numerous developers all looking to make a name for themselves, it can be hard to hire a developer that fits your business needs. But, worry no more, the goal of this article is to let you in on some secrets you need to know before hiring a developer.

Before you hire a developer

Before you hire a developer, know what it is that you are looking for. You can ask every candidate why they would want to work for you. But you should understand why they have to. An interview is a double-edged sword in a sense, because both of you are trying to make the decision that fits your needs. Your company does not need to be famous to attract the best developers. All you have to know is what makes your offer or software development company unique. Most businesses have a hard time putting their company goals out there. Pinpointing your strengths can help you find the best developer. Remember, they don’t know about your intent and opportunities unless you tell them. 

Bring in help

If you do not necessarily have the coding and developing background, hiring a developer part of the business can especially be hard. You will need to bring in a subject expert to help you with the selection process. It is only natural that since you are the team leader, you can only know so much about the trade. Having your team alongside you every step of the way will do you wonders in choosing the right developer. Something as simple as a front-end developer may take you weeks or even months to find, depending on your demands. So get your team involved and bring in help. 

Asking the right questions

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When recruiting a let’s say a WordPress developer to an IT project, if you fail to ask the right questions, you will fail to measure the skills of a programmer. To take care of nuances like this, you will need to prepare some essential questions before the interview process. When it comes to questions, you can go on for hours. To avoid any mishaps, try to make a list that you can present right away. There are some critical questions you can ask. 

The most straightforward question to ask would be regarding their work. More specifically, how do they work? Off the bat, this will give you many ideas about the developer, like their work ethic and more. Another question could cover their current commitments. What are their focus for the time being? You can find out about their current software focus. If you want to hear from them regarding their work, also ask about their confidence in creating a 100% uptime. Would they be able to sustain a 100% uptime? Don’t forget to ask about their ability to manage programmers; if they can do so, you can feel relaxed knowing you have less to worry about. 

Avoid asking simple questions

There are many questions you should avoid asking when you hire a developer. The best questions to avoid would be simple and common questions. Everyday questions regarding computer programming and development can be answered by someone who isn’t even a developer. The reason for this is, answers to these questions can be found even over the internet. If you choose to ask simple questions, you will be failing to identify the full capabilities of a developer. The cure for this is to ask open-ended questions. These types of questions will force the candidate to explain his or her knowledge in detail. Besides knowing the candidate’s level of expertise, you can also learn a lot about their abilities to explain things in general. If their explanation is simple yet full of information, this will allow them to work with the rest of your team. 

See developers differently

Before you hire a developer, try to look at them differently. Do not just seem them as a workforce able to handle everything. Besides their profession, developers should be able to function as individuals. So before hiring, try to see if the developer has the ability to get things done on time. Being able to handle deadlines, and the pressure of work is a sure sign of a responsible individual. Let’s say you have chosen your next Java developer. Put them through the last test by giving them a task to complete in a short amount of time. This will give you an idea of their efficiency. If you see disciple and proper time management when it comes to the interview, these are sure signs that the software developer you want to hire is passionate about his or her work. 

If they are good, tell them!

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A big secret you should know when it comes to hiring a developer is letting them know your level of satisfaction with them. The candidates should know their place during each phase of the interview. It’s good to keep in mind that if you have found the top talent during the meetings, there is a big chance that the competition also looking for a developer has noticed them too. With a little bit more preparation, you can narrow down the best candidates and finalize the growth process for your team. Also, when you tell your candidate about your satisfaction with his or her skills, you will be creating a sense of motivation and determination for their future project with you. 


When you hire a developer, there is no longer a need to be worried about making the wrong choice. Using the secrets mentioned above and more, you can even easily choose the best python developer for your company and project. With the rapid growth of the world wide web and technology, comes the rapid growth of professionals in their respective fields. The key for you to hire a developer successfully is to get as many people as possible involved. Both your team members, and experts in the field should be able to help you in this regard. So take your time, and choose wisely!

Aftandil Shahbazli

Aftandil Shahbazli

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