3 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual personal assistant is becoming the new norm for many small and big businesses alike, and a good reason. Since businesses are moving to more of an online sphere and using the Internet for their daily operations, it becomes more wishful for firms and companies to hire a virtual personal assistant. 

Since you hire virtual assistant services via a contract, you do not need to provide the same benefits to the assistant that you would need for a full-time position. Because a virtual personal assistant does not work at your office, you do not need to provide things like a workspace or a desk for your assistant. But, these are nitpicking when comparing it to the mountain of benefits a virtual assistant can bring for your business. The goal of this article is then to provide you with three reasons why you need a virtual personal assistant. Let’s get to it!

Getting started with a Virtual Personal Assistant

Most experts believe that hiring virtual assistant services is one of the most fundamental parts of seeing your business grow. It can be one of the best decisions you have made as a company owner. The main reason behind this assumption is the tasks you are forced to do daily. These tasks can be repetitive and outside of your expertise. Besides the apparent hardships you may face when dealing with these daily tasks, they can also take away from the time and energy you could have spent on business growth.

You might already start to understand that you are spending hours on end performing jobs that could have otherwise been handled by a virtual personal assistant. Some might be a bit hesitant when it comes to hiring virtual assistant services, but you should know that this type of service is becoming more desirable for businesses every passing day. 

When is the right time to hire?

virtual personal assistant

You might be asking yourself this question right now, is it the right time to hire virtual personal assistant services? Well, that all depends on where you are standing as a business. It can be a bit tricky to enter the world of hiring a virtual assistant, so know your current situation before you start. The right time may come to each business owner differently. It may also depend on a few circumstances. This brings you to the three reasons why you might need a virtual assistant:

Wasting time on repetitive tasks

One of the main reasons which might indicate that you need a virtual assistant is the time you spend on repetitive tasks. These tasks can wear you down faster than you might think. The worst part is, the time it would take your business to grow to its full potential might be prolonged due to the extensive time you spend on other things. If you have been wasting time on a repetitive process for more than three months, it may be time to get an online personal assistant.

You might have even created an ingenious process to take care of some business aspects. This could be, for example, communicating with clients via a messaging group. It would be best if you did not have to be constantly occupied with the group for more than three months. Monitoring the group will always be a part of your duty, but it should not cost you half of your day to answer all messages and post updates. 

The answer to the problems you face above is where the virtual assistant comes in. If you have been doing a standard task like the one mentioned above for more than three months, it’s highly likely that it has turned into muscle memory for you. After you have perfected the art of contacting your clients and potential customers like an expert, it might be time to pass it down to the virtual assistant you are looking to hire. Your virtual assistant of choice can improve your art even further, and help it grow while giving you the time to create other wonders. 

A lack of expertise in specific aspects

No one is an absolute expert in everything, and you cannot risk running certain business aspects with sub-par knowledge. Adding new processes to your already established business practices can accelerate your growth exponentially. But these processes can be worthless, or even harmful, if you do not have the expertise to initiate them. As you might see, this is another reason why you should consider getting a virtual personal assistant. 

Let’s say that you want to develop new digital marketing strategies to increase your online presence and boost sales. Odds are you are not an expert in this field; you might have sufficient knowledge of the trade, but you might not be an expert. Your best bet would be to spend every minute of the more than three months learning the tools of the trade, in digital marketing. Even with this, you might face some errors through testing. In short, digital marketing or any other sphere in business may take years to perfect. You should not risk taking the weight of such projects on to your shoulders and carry the burden of failing your company or business. Digital marketing strategy models should be adopted according to the specific demands of individual companies and their practices. This leaves you less room for errors and miscalculations. 

The solution

virtual personal assistant

Besides the problem mentioned above of not having explicit knowledge of an area you are looking to perfect, you also lose valuable time. This is the time that could have been spent on growing your company with the current expertise that you do have. The solution to this dilemma comes when you decide to hire a virtual assistant. Now, you can’t just hire any assistant; you should be keen on finding the one that has reputable experience in the field of digital marketing or any sphere that you may be concerned with. 

The rapid growth of the world wide web, and online services means that you will never run into a shortage of experts in such fields. With a bit of smart selection, you could have a strategy for your digital marketing needs in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months. You could be spending the remainder of the months speaking to your new customers. 

Getting overwhelmed

In a way, the third reason why you should consider getting a virtual personal assistant can be seen as the root of all reasons, but it is a bit more focused on the element of getting overwhelmed. It can be easy to get entirely overwhelmed by the tasks that come running your way. Whether you are looking to add brand new projects to your business venture, or trying to complete day-to-day chores, things can get hard for you. The sad part is, it happens quite often to new and small business owners, and it starts to become very stressful for them. Imagine having to wake up every morning with more than ten hours of mundane tasks to complete; that’s right, just tasks! As you can imagine, this gives you almost zero time to do other things that can help grow the company. 

Working in such an environment can eventually drive you crazy and take away your passion for building your business. Why would you want to risk such a downfall? Instead, you should consider getting help from a virtual assistant to ease your daily task load, and focus on things that matter the most.


So then, you might be facing the issues mentioned above, and are considering the virtual personal assistant route. The only thing left for you to do is hire a virtual assistant. Depending on your needs, your choice of an assistant may change. The best way for you to prepare for the hiring process would be to pinpoint the exact task that takes up a majority of your time, and find help in that regard. With such planning, you will grow your business to its optimal level in no time!

Aftandil Shahbazli

Aftandil Shahbazli

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